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Weekly Thoughts: New Glasses, Thrifting for Baby & Print Features

Natalie Kay

why hello there

I’ve decided to start writing down my thoughts on sustainable fashion {& living} during the week so I can better reflect on my journey. This will be a sort of diary for me, and if you are struggling with being more ‘green’, you might like it, too. I’m constantly doing things out of convenience for my own mental sanity. I mess up a lot. I don’t adopt things I should. I do something really well for a week, then forget to do it the next.

Anyway - I’m going to jot down all my random thoughts for you to see and for me to remember.

The big news over here is I went back to work this past Wednesday after being gone for 7 weeks. I feel like a new person. That break was exactly what I needed in order to figure out a better balance between being a new mom and owning my own business {yes, this blog is my job and takes a lot of work to maintain}.

romper by Accompany / bracelet by Clare Hynes / rings by Rebecca Mir Grady / mug by GlobeIn

I can see now

I got glasses, as you’ve probably noticed by the photo above. I did not want to go to the eye doctor the last few years {I didn’t think it was completely necessary}, but Travis set me up an appointment so we went. Turns out, I really did need some glasses :P I’m still getting used to the prescription, but I’ve already noticed an incredible difference in reading, driving and computer work. I also made sure to get the blue light blockers since I spend so many hours in front of a screen. My first pair of eyeglasses aren’t really considered ‘sustainable’, but I’ll be better about my next. Send me a message on Instagram if you have a favorite ethical eyeglass brand! I’d love to check them out. p.s. I feel like a have a new boost of confidence in them.

dress by Ahniko / bracelets by Aid Through Trade


thrifting for baby

We are getting ready to go to Disney this weekend, and I was able to snag a few Disney tees from Once Upon a Child for $2.50 each. While I love supporting organic and sustainable baby brands, most of Elliott’s clothes are second-hand. I found so many treasures the other day - he is pretty set for the next 6 months.

I’m going to try my best to be as low-waste as possible during this Disney trip. We got our water bottles and snacks ready to go!

stroller by Greentom / pants by Little Lentil Clothing


Hot off the Press!

Sustainably Chic was featured in UK parenting magazine Baby - I’m still awaiting my copy, but this one is made for all the ‘green’ mamas.



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