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Weekly Thoughts: Wedding Planning, Helium Balloons & Sustainability Panels

Natalie Kay

Hey there!

I know I said I would be putting these together every week, but the last couple have been so busy for our family. Elliott is so much more active, and it’s been a lot more difficult to work. Now I understand why even moms who work from home have to put their kids in some sort of daycare. Luckily, I have a lot of family around to help, but some days, I wish he had a school to go to for a few hours :P

wedding planning…

We found our venue!! I’m so excited to be getting married at the Brick & Beam next April here in Jax, FL! It’s a new venue, but the building is quite old. It used to be a bar called the Pearl where Travis had a little too much fun back in his early 20s. We joke about getting married here because of his past experiences, but when we visited it just felt so right.

I’m not really into the whole traditional wedding thing - no big dress, no large guest list, no over-the-top anything. I want simple, intimate, and easy - a no stress kind of day. Something that is important to me is keeping it eco-friendly. I’ll share those details with you as I go, but one of the first things I’m working on are the ‘save the dates’. I found some plantable paper that I’m almost 100% set on.


I did stumble across some amazing candelabras at a local antique store while I was strolling Elliott around. I walked by, did a quick double take & immediately knew they were what I wanted to get married in front of. We need to clean them up a bit, but I snagged them for like $60!

Dress  by All the Wild Roses

Dress by All the Wild Roses

elliott’s 1st birthday…

Our sweet son turned one May 12 - same day as mother’s day so it was extra special <3 I didn’t buy any decorations, but at the last minute I went and got my son two helium balloons for his birthday party & felt so much guilt afterwards. He LOVES balloons and I always tell him ‘no’ - no at Publix, no at Disney, no everywhere. I couldn’t that day... I knew he would be so stoked & he was. I figured he would like Pikachu & Elmo for the next 5-10 years so we can reuse them.. until I found out about the helium shortage... I have carried some guilt with this… but his birthday was wonderful & I’m not perfect.

Dress  by Tamga Designs /  Shoes  by Veerah

Dress by Tamga Designs / Shoes by Veerah

sustainable fashion panel…

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking on a sustainability panel run by Fashion Group International. I believe one of the greatest ways to spread the message of sustainable fashion is through your own community and in person. While I love having this platform, it’s within our own backyards we can make big change. I spoke with two other wonderful ladies on the panel - Brianna Kilcullen of Stategically Sustainable and designer (& director of FGI North FL chapter) Alexandra Ni. We had an event last year, as well, but it was focused on sustainability as a whole. This time we narrowed in on the fashion industry, and it was great to see how many people were interested in the topic in my hometown!

busy busy months ahead..

My parents are moving back to the States this summer, and we have a few family visits around FL in the coming weeks. Who knows when I will get some time to plan more for the wedding, but I’ll keep you in the loop of all the eco-details!! :D