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Purse for the People

I've always held a special place in my heart for rattan anything - I grew up with wicker furniture, baskets, and decor all made from this naturally renewable palm. Rattan is lightweight and extremely durable, and any product I have purchased made from this lovely resource has lasted year after year. It has a growing industry at $4 billion per year, and is one of the biggest contributors to poverty alleviation in rural areas of Cambodia & Vietnam. The majority of rattan is sourced from tropical rainforests which, unfortunately, have been experiencing an overwhelming amount of deforestation. Purse for the People understands the social, environmental and economic benefit of this natural resource & works hard to protect it. They have partnered up with Rainforest Alliance to support the sustainability behind the use of rattan and ensure a future for its continued growth. {cool fact: Rattan planting indirectly protects forests since it thrives under some sort of tree covering}

Purse for the People not only understands the importance of using a sustainable material, they want to create jobs and economic opportunity in our own backyards, too. Therefore, they are shifting all production to right here in the USA {Butte, Montana}. This means more quality control, and eventually a platform you can design your very own handbag.

I have an obsession with baskets - I'd fill my house with them if I could - so when I saw the Aspen Rattan Handbag, I instantly fell in love. I knew the craftsmanship would be wonderful because of past experiences with the material, but I was very impressed with the entire handbag. It has quickly become a favorite! The inside compartments make for easy organization, and the long removable cross-body strap is the perfect length. With all its character and charm, I don't think I've worn it and not received a compliment! {reminds me of the 50s!! a great decade of fashion :D} I used to look high and low for the wicker crossbody bags in vintage stores, and could never find what I was looking for. Glad I waited for this beauty!! 

Channeling your inner vintage & basket love {or just appreciate a well-made handbag}? You can use code 20%offp4p2 for 20% off! Purse for the People's classic look makes a great holiday gift for moms & grandmother's, too ;) To shop their entire collection click - here - & stay up-to-date through Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.