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Did you know around 640 million people currently live without access to eyewear? I was quite shocked at this number! But thanks to social entrepreneurs like John Pritchard, people in low-income African countries are receiving the proper eye care through the sale of PALA sunglasses. This ethical sunnies brand understands the sense of empowerment a good pair of spectacles creates. Without great eye sight, reading, learning and working becomes difficult. PALA's 'buy-give' business model gives us the opportunity to use our purchasing power to help someone in need, and give them the tools to foster a more sustainable life. With each purchase, proceeds go towards grants awarded to eye care projects in Africa. These projects help fund the creation of vision centers and dispensaries. PALA then calculates the donation required for the cost of each patient in order for each of them to obtain the necessary prescription glasses. I think this video below is so inspirational, and makes me very excited to share brands like these with you! 

& this amazing brand doesn't stop there... 

The cases are changing lives, too. Each pair of sunglasses come with a case woven from discarded and recycled plastic bags by weavers in Bolgatanga. These durable cases {yeah, amazing how tough plastic bags become when made into yarn} fit your sunnies like a glove, and can be tossed in your purse with no worry of damage or scratches. You can read more about the weavers, here.

I'm wearing the Udo Rose aviators, and let me just say the world looks magical in them - everything rose gold!! Plus, they are super light weight which is something I always look for when picking out sunglasses. The 100% UVA/UVA protections lens are very clear and of great quality. There won't be any unnecessary squinting behind these shades! psst.. they come in green, too! 

Fitting a style to the shape of your face? PALA can help with this! Click on a pair of sunglasses, and on the right-hand corner below the description, you can find some tips on what shades go best with your face shape. PALA covers all classic styles - aviators, cat-eyes, clubmasters, and wayfarers. Who knew you could look that good and do good at the same time? 







Ready to make a positive difference in someone's life?

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