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Good Apparel

An exceptional new clothing line, Good Apparel is raising the bar in sustainable fashion. Their minimalistic aesthetic paired with ethical manufacturing is something I know most of us will gladly stand behind {AND wear} - I mean, I'm a little obsessed... okay... A LOT obsessed ;) And why not? Their designs are so chic, they produce in small batches to avoid waste, they use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, they treat their workers fairly and they develop & manufacture everything in-house to maintain a smaller carbon footprint.

So now that we have crossed our t's and dotted our i's as conscious consumers, let's go back to their aesthetic and most importantly the fit. When I put this outfit on for the first time, I couldn't believe how happy I was with the silhouette. I'm short {& not as fit as I used to be}, and have insecurities just like everyone else. Something about this set just made me feel confident about where my body is at today. Besides using a wonderful fabric {tencel} for high-waisted pants, they offer a custom inseam option so it is tailored for your height {or the shoes you would want to pair with them}. No having to worry about hemming because you're short, or walking around with pants that don't cover your beautiful long legs all the way. THIS is special, and a feature not many brands offer. It would make sense they know what we want when it comes to pants because Good Apparel is the in-house line of US based manufacturer, Good Clothing Company. This company is dedicated to re-shoring the apparel industry to bring back jobs all the while being transparent and ethical. No wonder they were so spot on with this first collection! 

Okay, so now on to this gorgeous outfit! I'll start with the pants. The Ultra Wide Leg Pants are made from 100% tencel - seriously, one of my favorite fabrics. It has a silk-like appearance {but feels softer than silk!}, and is super comfortable. Tencel is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees and processed in a closed-loop system. This system allows 99% of chemicals & solvents to be recovered and recycled. These pants would be a great wear for the warmer months ahead! & Like I mentioned before, you can create your own custom inseam for your ideal fit. 

Now, who else loves crop tops?! It's the best excuse to not have to tuck your tee into your high waisted pants :P Their Contrast Top is made from 70% bamboo jersey & 30% organic cotton. It's the perfect summer shirt so I'm sure you will be seeing me pair it with high-waisted jean shorts a ton. However, I'm partial to this outfit because it feels so complete together! What do you think? 

Good Apparel will release a small collection every 45-60 days so keep your eyes on them throughout the year. I can't wait to see what's in store for this beautiful new sustainable brand! 

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