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Turning the Tables | From Bottles to Cloth

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During a trip to an Australian supermarket in 2004, Brenda Sacks stumbled across reusable grocery bags, something she had never seen in the States. Upon returning home, she started working on a new vision and created The Earthwise Bag Company together with her brother and son. Always having a love for contemporary design and modern art, her venture went beyond reusable bags into something of a conversation piece. Since she wasn't able to find eco-friendly & fashionable table coverings {which could be used time and time again without wear} she took matters into her own hands. After finding the perfect 100% recycled woven fabric, BottleCloth was in business. 

A multi-step process turns recycled plastic bottles into a thread which is then woven into a polyester cloth {it takes 55 0.5 L bottles to make one 60" x 102” tablecloth!}. The finished fabric is very durable and spill-resistant. You can wash it again and again with the soft touch still in tact. BottleCloth's prints are inspired by brushstrokes representing freedom of movement, bold colors and contemporary geometric shapes. Click below to add a bit of abstract art to your dining space...

To put something on the table that is artistic and interesting will enhance the atmosphere and conversation around the table
— Brenda, Creator of BottleCloth

By far the most durable tablecloth I have ever used, the Starburst Tablecloth is one of those pieces I can use time and time again. The playful abstract star is a perfect backdrop for several holidays {Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, V-day.. you get the picture}. My table is very old {I grew up with it}, and it isn't entertaining worthy. I want to be able to cover it, and the vibrant designs of BottleCloth are the perfect conversation starters. Then I can run some statistics on plastic bottles, and push my love of recycled products on my guests ;) Plus, with the spill resistant surface inevitable messes are no longer a worry {by the way, they are machine washable!!}. I've been working, eating, working, eating on this table for the past month. I think the art sets my brain in motion, and I've been getting quite a bit done!! I love having a happy space, and BottleCloth's art puts an easy smile on my face. The Starburst Tablecloth is available in 6 different colors, three different sizes & can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Since the summer months are still upon us, bright fun colors are on trend. The Multi Mod TableCloth with its funky strokes and blues & yellows would look great poolside with some lemonade and watermelon. Serving food on a narrow table? The Crisscross Runner is just the right size to hold your serving trays and add some flair. For a very chic look, take two Circle Runners and place on the dining table. Not wanting to cover up your dining room table? BottleCloth has recently launched placemats! The subtle Free Flow Placemat & Mod Stripe Placemat can sit on your table all year. 

Ready to set the table? Shop BottleCloth's entire collection, here - & use code BOTTLES15 for 15% off your first order!

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