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with Marin Bee

Like most skincare and beauty brands I've come to enjoy, Marin Bee started as a need for something better - a product Debra, the creator, could not find on the market. When Debra's children became adolescents, skin issues arose and doctors visits began. Wanting to avoid harsh chemicals found in most prescriptions, Debra started to look for alternatives. She has a particularly interesting background as a bee keeper and co-founder of an environmental education foundation for youth called Planet Bee. Knowing the natural benefits bees possessed, Debra decided to take matters into her own hands and create a homemade remedy for her children. By combining honey, oatmeal, aloe and olive oil with salt, clay and essential oils, she noticed a considerable improvement in her family's skin. There was a new glow, and her own skin showed less signs of stress. Four years later, after lots of work with at-home remedies and fine chem labs, Marin Bee was born. Now, we can all thank her for sharing this amazing concoction with us!! 

So why honey?

I feel like growing up, honey was always the answer when I wasn't feeling good or needed to unwind. I knew it was a great natural remedy for upset stomachs and coughs, and would help you sleep better at night.  However, it wasn't until much later I realized how much my skin appreciated honey. Since it contains water, pure honey is known as a humectant. This means it absorbs moisture from the air and then hydrates your skin. Without adding any chemicals to honey, the enzymes nourish and protect your skin from environmental damage, as well as breakdown dead skin through its antimicrobrial properties. No wonder it's called the "Nectar of the Gods"! Marin Bee uses a particular kind of honey called California Wildflower Honey. Debra is a lot like me in the sense she believes change happens in your backyard. They are proud to source all of their honey from the hillsides of Northern California where they support local habitats, native species and help assist in the repopulating of honey bees. If you don't know already, several species of bees were added to the endangered list last year, and due to Colony Collapse Disorder {as well as other environmental factors} honey bees have taken a hard hit. Without them, 90% of the crops which feed the world would not be pollinated - most of us would have very little to eat. Humanity is dependent on these small guys, and it's our responsibility to help them thrive. This is where Debra and her husband, Bill, decided to educate their community on the importance of honey bees. They created the nonprofit Planet Bee Foundation in 2010 to teach the next generation of environmental stewards how to become backyard beekeepers. I love how they have been able to create a business to run along side such a wonderful organization. Whenever you purchase a skincare product from Marin Bee, you are helping continue the message of Planet Bee Foundation, and educate more children and community members on struggling honeybee. 

Now, on to the products...

First off, all Marin Bee products are produced without any harmful chemicals or additives, and are never tested on animals {Leaping Bunny Certified!}. They keep their carbon footprint low by making everything in California from sustainably-sourced {as local as possible} ingredients, and using recyclable packaging manufactured with wind power and printed with plant dyes - yes, that's awesome! 

Being a fairly new company, and launching only a couple months ago, I feel pretty honored to share my experience with Marin Bee's skincare line. I'm going to start with the Honey Shave because finding a shaving product which moisturizes at the same time is hard! I sometimes get those little bumps after shaving under my arms, but not if I use this product. I highly recommend trying this for yourself if you have that same issue. What I've also noticed are my legs aren't dry after getting out of the shower. I still have that habit of putting on lotion afterwards anyway, but find if I forget then it's not that big a deal! If you want that 'silky' feeling, use their Honey Polish before the Honey Shave, and the Honey Butter after. It's a big treat! 

The Honey Polish Hand & Foot Repair is an amazing exfoliant, and I've been using it on my legs and arms - not just hands and feet :D I particularly like using it in the shower in order to wash it off easy, and a little truly does go a long way. Your skin feels so soft after use!! 

Last, but not least, the Honey Butter helps nourish and hydrate your skin from head to toe. I even use it on my face because the scent is not overpowering but very fresh. While I think all of these products work great by themselves, I definitely think it is worth treating yourself to all three. Make sure to also check out their Detox Masque and Lip Repair

Honey Shave, Honey Polish, Honey Butter

Honey Shave, Honey Polish, Honey Butter

To learn more about the natural ingredients used within Marin Bee products, click here

Now, go pamper your skin with the Nectar of the Gods ;)