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These Boots Are Made For Walkin' & Preserving Art

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Rock Pillar

Who doesn't love a good pair of boots? Especially, ones which will last you a lifetime & support a culture and its economy. Rock Pillar's collection does just this! They, currently, support 40 Peruvian weavers and cobblers in their traditional craft while partnering with Cusco's oldest NGO, Centro Bartolomeo De Las Casas. Rock Pillar goes beyond creating income for their artisans. Within sustainability, culture plays a rather large role, and through Rock Pillar, the artisans are able to preserve their ethnic identity and cultural pride. This craft is unbelievably beautiful & I'm so excited to share it with you - just in time for boot season ;) 

I'm wearing the lovely Fern Grey Sumaq Ankle Boot complete with a rich Andean textile.  These beauts evolve & form to your feet over time {like any great pair of leather boots} & are built to last you through the years. They are extremely comfortable after you break them in, and pair well in any season with its ankle height. Even with the unique woven textile around the top of the ankle, these boots are very practical. It adds a nice pop to your everyday blue jeans, too! 

I paired my boots with one of the two pairs of jeans I own {I've been wearing the same ones for years & years!}, a LNBF tee & a necklace from Meridian Lee. 

Rock Pillar, also, has a collection of sandals, flats & clogs just in case you aren't in the market for some new ankle booties ;)

As an advocate for sustainability, preserving art and supporting local communities is extremely important to me. I've always been a lover of artisan-made products & traditional craft. Their attention to detail & passion shines through with each product. Having pride for your work is something we don't find often, which is very noticeable in many items on the market, today. Supporting brands like Rock Pillar is bringing quality, uniqueness & sustainability back into fashion. 

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