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The Zero-Waste Sock

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Osom Brand

If you haven't heard yet, a group of ladies from the Ethical Writer's Coalition & myself are participating in a zero-waste challenge for two weeks. What a lot of us are realizing {especially the ones who travel a bunch & have children}, zero-waste is not for sissys. It takes time, patience - and A LOT of planning. I only have to worry about myself, and that is hard enough. Imagine all the steps a business needs to take in order to successfully eliminate waste from beginning to end. Osom Brand has it pact down, and kudos to them! It isn't easy being conscious every step of the way, and finding a brand who cares & puts forth the effort is awesome in my books. Oh & yeah.. their socks are comfy, cute & on point in the sustainability sector ;)

Osom Brand takes sustainability seriously {& we thank them for that!}. Paty, the creator, wants the business to cover all concerns when producing garments. These concerns are highlighted in everyone's favorite documentary The True Cost and they are - reducing textile waste, ethical production, eliminating toxic waste & saving water. See the image below to get all the deets:

Besides using zero water & dyes for their socks' fabrics, Osom sources 70% of their material to create the thread & fabric from a 'pile' of 11 million pounds of thrown out clothing & textiles every year. It is hard to fathom this amount of discarded material. It makes me SO happy {& hopeful!} to know brands are taking the initiative and using what we already have to make something new, practical & stylish all at the same time. 

I'm wearing the Pluto - my absolute favorite. I gravitate towards anything polka dots ;) These socks {like the others} are a one size fits all, ethically produced in Guatemala and machine washable. What I love about Osom {besides the obvious eco factor} is the fact their socks are made for both men & women. We can share with our boyfriends! The Aquila {pictured first} have a texture which can be perfectly paired with your outdoor gear or some cool cozy nights around your home. They, also, come in a lovely light grey combo - the Columba. If you are looking for a subtle stripe the Sagitta pair have the right touch! 

My only wish as the founder of this brand is to be able to show people you can do things differently by supporting one another and understanding the natural cycles of life. Nature is our biggest master.
— Paty, Founder of Osom Brand

Who else has a sock monster at home & is need of some new ones?! Shop all of Osom's eco socks online, or if you live in Miami, you are in luck. There are some in your backyard.