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The Wayuu Bag | Sharing Culture & Supporting Women

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The Native Market

A social business showcasing handcrafted bags & accessories by indigenous women in the northern region of Colombia - La Guajira.

I've always been drawn towards the beauty of the Wayuu Mochila bags. Their colors and patterns are mesmerizing, and act as if they are a little story for each. I know how much work and time goes into creating these lovely works of art. The Native Market's mission is to make sure this art form is appreciated by all of us around the world, while paying fair wages and supporting a better quality of life for their workers. They work closely with the women during workshops and programs to empower their talents, as well as teach them the proper skills of business in order to sustain their families. Many of these ladies only speak their native tongue of Wayunaki, so having The Native Market is essential to their success as artisans in the global market.

These talented artisans create more than just the crossbody style I'm rocking in the photos {it's a stunner though, right?!}. They have a handbag collection, clutches, bracelets, key chains, hats & even some home decor pieces. The attention to detail and quality of my Wayuu Crossbody is on point. I can't get over the beauty of this art, and knowing so much love was put into a piece makes it extremely special. This is one of those handbags I can take with me the rest of my life, and enjoy year after year.

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