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This is a brand I've gotten to know well over the last year or so. I have a pair of their Dressy Sweats I've worn time & time again. They wash wonderfully, and they are just as soft as the first day I wore them. As a daughter of a pilot, I've always been told to dress well when flying. I grew up wearing dresses whenever we travelled, but that definitely isn't the most comfortable. When I first came across Encircled, my initial thought was 'this brand would be appropriate to wear for a flight AND I'll still be super comfortable'. Needless to say, I wear those dressy sweats each time :D 

Why I Love Encircled

1. The perfect travel companion. Continuing on from above.. not only are their clothes comfortable to wear, they are great for packing. You don't have to worry about wrinkling, and they don't take up too much space so you can pack light. 

2. The fabrics. Modal is probably one of the softest fabrics around. Contrary to its other viscose cousins, modal {made from beechwood tree cellulose} is processed without chemicals through a closed loop process {meaning the water & solvents are continuously recycled}. It's a type of fabric that washes easy, and doesn't lose its wonderful properties. 

3. The functionality & minimalistic design. Most of Encircled garments can be worn more than one way. That means more versatility in a smaller closet. Capsule wardrobes can make life so much easier, and having an Encircled 'uniform' can give you several more options when it comes to dressing. See four ways you can wear the Revolve Dress below! 

What I'm Wearing

The Sleeveless Revolve Dress: This 6-in-1 dress is the essential for your capsule wardrobe. It's the most versatile LBD I know, and it can even be worn as a tunic or top! It's one of those designs you can easily dress up or down. I've been known to wear it all day, and then sleep in it at night, too :D

Oh, p.s. I'm pregnant & totally bloated, so belting this dress was the most flattering for my body. Totally recommend trying it out! Can't wait until I have a true bump in this dress {I plan on wearing this with one!}. 

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Where to Purchase

Find Encircled's complete collection online - here - & don't forget to stay up-to-date with new styles & colors on Instagram