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Ceramide Care Collection | Earth Science Naturals

I've struggled with finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair for several years after becoming more aware of the mass amount of harmful chemicals found in the majority of products. Although I've come close, my hair is finally giving me a HUGE thank you. The Ceramide Care Collection makes my hair feel the way it does after leaving a salon; healthy, frizz free and soft. The best part about the formula, it is oil-free, color safe, sulfate free, gluten free, and vegan. While I love all my natural lotions and serums which use only a few ingredients, I've always been intrigued by science's ability to concoct a formula both safe and healthy for my body. For those of you who have been struggling to find what works best for your hair, I highly recommend giving Earth Science Naturals a try! Click below to read more about each Shampoo & Conditioner, and find a lovely little discount code just for you.

I'll start with my favorite, the Ceramide Care Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner. Perfect for normal to oily hair, they work to strengthen and shine your hair by using panthenol {a form of vitamin B5} and soy & rice protein to balance oil. They, also, help protect hair from heat damage, and the orange cream grapefruit scent smells amazing! 

The Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner is great for normal to fine hair, and helps add body, strength and shine through golden barley protein and panthenol. Those who are looking for a little more oomph in their hair, this is the one to go with!! It smells yummy, and has a scent of ginger and vanilla. {With the presence of barley, this particular hair formula is not gluten free.} 

Problem with frizz? Try their Curl & Frizz Control Shampoo & Conditioner and let the shea butter, jojoba, argan, açaí & passionfruit oils go to work for ya. Particularly if you live in a more humid climate, you need a shampoo which will work with the weather. The formula helps reduce breakage, detangles and locks in moisture, while paired with a sweet almond scent. 

I love a good scent, but I know there are some of you out there who would rather skip out on it, or have a more sensitive scalp. Luckily, Earth Science Naturals created an unscented version for you! Help repair your split ends and boost vital moisture with their Fragrance Free Shampoo & Conditioner. This formula is great for ANY hair types. {Contains Gluten}

All shampoos and conditioners are made in the USA and packaged in 80% post-consumer recycled content. Want your hair as happy as mind? Use code CHIC20 for 20% off! Get social, and follow Earth Science Naturals on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram