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The Perfect Flip-Flop | Better for the Planet & Your Feet

FashionNatalie Kay


I can't even imagine how many pairs of flip-flops I've gone through since I was a small child. Living in Florida and spending practically every nice day by the ocean, I've owned my fair share of beach sandals. However, it's been a while since I've bought a pair of basic flip-flops mainly because I don't trust most of them - and for good reason. Did you know most of the flip-flops you find are made with synthetic materials full of harsh chemicals? These chemicals are not only bad for the environment, they are terrible for your health. Plus, have you ever found a comfortable pair? Probably not. Those cheaply made flip-flops are a recipe for disaster, so thank goodness for entrepreneurs like Heather & Holly. This sister-duo decided to take matters into their own hands and create the perfect flip-flops we've been waiting for! 

The mission to build an earth-friendly, sustainable flip-flop, began with the materials. Natural rubber was the answer, but Heather quickly realized the mass amounts of exploitation within the industry. The workers were paid awfully low wages while working in extremely rough conditions. How could they use a material responsible for so much suffering? It was imperative they find rubber harvested fairly. This flip-flop was to be good to the Earth AND the people behind the production.Once they found their FAIR TRADE rubber, the OLLI flip-flop was born.  All OLLI flip-flops use Certified Fair Rubber which maintain Fair Trade standards such as safe working conditions, medical care & a fair wage.

Besides the perfect flip-flop being biodegradable and fairly made, it's actually comfortable! I'm serious, too - they are like little pillows which was a pleasant little surprise when I took them out on their first beach trip :D 

So how can you get a pair on your feet? At this very moment & through April 12, OLLI is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help fund production. This is THE time to purchase your eco flip-flops at an amazing price. Click - here - to back this wonderful {& necessary} project. 

It's time we change the flip-flop industry for the better and support Fair Rubber! 

What color{s} do you want?!

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