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The Ideal Layering Piece for Your Summer Getaway | Lightweight, Packable & Versatile

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 3Natalie Kay

with  Ümran Aysan

& did I mention sustainable?

A London based resort wear brand, Ümran Aysan is using mindful fabrics and artisan techniques to create an elegant ethical fashion line - one we can easily celebrate this Earth Day! The pieces are sophisticated with unique design and patterns, yet classic enough for the minimalist's wardrobe. Designer Ümran Aysan is much like me in the way we both want to preserve traditional methods of craftsmanship. As a crocheter & tatter, I truly appreciate the art behind the craft. Naturally, I gravitate towards brands who have this same appreciation, and who reach out to artisans to provide sustainable work. Ümran Aysan has even been awarded the coveted Butterfly Mark because of their strong commitment towards social, environmental and philanthropic good.

Their Resort 2017 Collection, Caria, is rooted in tradition and sustainability, and is made entirely in Turkey. It was inspired by the designer's spiritual journey through the lands of Caria, and was created for women who seek comfort and timeless designs. From kimono jackets to tailored shorts, this collection will easily give you a mini vaca daydream. Who's ready to pack their bags and run away to a resort this week? I'm coming, too...

I may not be on vacation in these photos, but living in Florida feels like tiny getaways everyday. The beach is pretty much at my fingertips.. or toetips {since my feet appreciate it more} so I dress like I'm hanging out at resort most of the time. The Handmade Crochet Blouse is perfect for my lifestyle and northern Florida weather - especially those windy days and cool evenings. It's lightweight since it's made from a blend of cotton & bamboo, and has a gorgeous diamond woven crochet pattern. I'm sure this piece took days to create - it is so incredibly well done! Plus, it's easy to layer over most of my existing wardrobe, and the olive color doesn't melt you under the sun. If this isn't your color, the blouse comes in white and a rich blue hue, as well!

To shop the entire Resort collection click here.

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