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The Everyday Tote Made From Plastic Bags

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Started by two girls,  Yara Yassin and Rania Rafie, from Cairo, Egypt, they realized an opportunity while studying abroad to create a business supporting their communities, raising awareness and decreasing waste. With a passion for sustainability, the girls set out to design a product with the art of upcycling. Up-Fuse uses discarded plastic bags to create some pretty awesome and colorful totes, backpacks and accessories. Who knew trash could end up looking like this!? 

Recently, Up-Fuse came out with a collection of Totes, which are each made of 30 plastic bags and Egyptian Organic Cotton. All products are produced right in Cairo under ethical practices, and  while it may look as if these funky colors are created using dyes, that is simply not true. The plastic bags are responsible for all the fun! 

By purchasing a tote, you are not only saving 30 plastic bags from ending up in the landfill {& sitting there for 1000 years}, but you are supporting the education and the families of their workers. Working with the NGO, Roh El Shabab, Up-Fuse is able to teach the craft of upcycling in order to pave a better path for their students.

Also, these bags are DURABLE. Not your average dinky tote. They are waterproof, and have pockets on the outside and inside for all those little things that somehow end up in our bag. I guess I have Valentines on my mind because my tote always leaves the store with flowers, wine and sweets lately...

Obsessed yet?

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