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Recycle in style with RE.BIN, the modern alternative to the traditional recycling bin. The bin is made right here in the USA from 100% recycled plastic, and is the perfect size to line with a paper grocery bag. RE.BIN's sleek & chic design will fit right into any open living area, and makes for a great office addition, especially for a non-paperless business! An environmental lawyer, Whitney Ferrell created RE.BIN to promote sustainability through innovative design and practicality. She knows sustainable and eco-friendly living can be attractive if we so choose, and I totally agree!! Click below to read more, and find out how you can pre-order yours, today..

RE.BIN is ideal for those living in smaller, urban apartments. They take up less space than the bulky recycle bins you can pick up at your local recycling center, and are designed with functionality in mind. Using a paper bag as a liner helps save you time, and avoids a potential mess to clean up after. Of course, for those of us who do not have paper bags, you can go bagless - it is still chic as ever ;) Plus, RE.BINs come in two different colors - black & white - so have your pick! 

Recently, RE.BIN hosted a Kickstarter and raised almost $53k!! With less than 35% of households and 10% of businesses recycling, let's help make protecting the environment look sleek & pre-order your RE.BIN - here -

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 Whiney Ferrell,  creator

Whiney Ferrell, creator