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The 95% More Eco-Friendly Shirt | For Men & Women

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Cosmos Studio

Your everyday button-down just got greener. 

Why I Love Cosmos Studio

1. The Dyes. Did you know one of the most toxic processes in manufacturing clothing is the dyeing of fibers? Tons of chemicals are used to create deep hues, and they are typically just wasted & thrown back into the environment {like our water systems - yikes!}. Plus, the amount of water used for just one shirt can easily go up to 600L. Cosmos Studio has created a dyeing technology avoiding this unnecessary waste and damage to nature. Called GiDelave™, this technology is reducing water consumption and effluent production by 95% both! Pretty impressive, right? You may be wondering exactly how this works... When a fabric is typically dyed, the entire thread receives the dye, but with GiDelave™ they use more of a 360 printing process rather than penetrating the entire thing. The yarn is first colored, and then woven into fabric. The enzymes used are neutralized rather than acidic keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. 

2. The Fabric. When I think of button-down shirts, I usually don't associate them with the words 'soft' or 'comfortable'. I have to say, Cosmos Studio has changed my perception completely. This fabric is very comfy to wear, and you don't feel stiff at all. It has a great touch, and that's thanks to their dyeing processes. With GiDelave™, the fabrics have consistency in color, more durability and strength, and you will find they wrinkle a lot less than many of your other cotton & linen garments in your closet. Since they are avoiding the usual chemical treatments and several processes used in conventional clothing, you are getting a much stronger finished piece. They also use Better Cotton, which cares for the environment & farmer, and is STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certified. For detergents, they comply with all REACH standards sets by the European Chemical Agency {meaning chemicals used will not harm others and degrade without emitting hazardous gas}. The factory for manufacturing the garments are WRAP certified so workers are guaranteed safe and healthy working conditions. 

3. The Fit. Since I'm pregnant, I went up to a size small {rather than XS}, and it's been perfect for me. It's been long enough for me to wear as a tunic without looking too big - plus, that extra room is great for this growing belly. I’m a ‘roll up your sleeves' type of gal, and find this shirt looks great that way. The chest pocket, pearl buttons & cut are a minimalist's dream. 

4. They are unisex. Yup - grab one for you and your man! These shirts are made for both of us, and being they are so classic, it’s the type of shirt that can fit into any style.

Where to Purchase

You can find Cosmos Studio shirts in their online shop - here - & don't forget to follow them on the 'gram to stay up-to-date with all their future sustainable fashion. 


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