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My blog has concentrated so much on women, I feel as if it has been lacking with issues dealing primarily with men. That's why I'm very excited to share this non-profit enterprise with you! HandUp Global Goods is working with Haitian teen boys who are transitioning out of orphanages and into adulthood. By giving them the necessary tools such as jobs, spiritual development, financial literacy, and vocational training, HUGG hopes to encourage these young men to become responsible workers, family members, and community leaders. In order to empower someone, we must get rid of hand outs which act as a bandaid and never lead to sustainable progression. Instead, HUGG believes in hand UPs, and I couldn't agree more! Transforming the individual is a great way to build strong families and communities. And like Hugg says - "the results extend beyond the individual men". 

So how can we help in this mission?

Well, it's easy - We can support artisan jobs through the beautiful jewelry I'm wearing! Each piece is made by one of these teens, and helps pay them a fair wage while learning about finance, business and their own spirituality. You know how much I love having a deeper connection with fashion, and knowing who makes what I wear is very important to me. Each hangtag has a photo of the artisan and a little write up about their journey with HUGG. You can meet all the artisans - here - and learn what they did before HUGG, what they've learned through work and their future goals. What Joseph Samuel {one of the teens} says will put a huge smile on your face, "Now that I am working at HandUp, I have a reason to get up". This just goes to show how great our impact is as consumers, and how easy it is to support opportunity for others. 

I'm wearing the Akolad Triple Wrap in Teal and Brass complete with a globe charm {that's my favorite part!} - you can choose from 7 different cord colors and three different bead types. I paired it with the Katelyn bracelet which is made from clay & bronze beads and clear recycled glass. You know I'm a sucker for recycled anything, and they make it look beautiful!

Below are a few more of my favorite bracelets - Just click the link below to start shopping ;)

The Ombre Pendant Necklace has all my favorite blues and greens, and is made from knotted waxed cord. It pairs perfectly with light blues and is a great way to dress up your basic tees. HUGG has a gorgeous collection of necklaces as you can see below...

Ready to change lives through fashion?

Shop the entire HUGG collection here & get social with them on Facebook and Instagram

p.s. for those who love to entertain, you can throw a HUGG party :D 

 oh & don't forget to check out their  tees!  

oh & don't forget to check out their tees! 

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