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Take Care of Those Eyes with the new LCD Monitor from BenQ

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The BenQ Eye Care Monitor

A couple years ago, I started researching about the blue light associated with the many screens I use on a daily basis. I spend many hours in front of a computer, then end up watching a few TV shows or a movie before going to bed. This means, I have a lot of screen time, and my eyes aren’t going to deal with it well forever. Blue light produces higher amounts of energy in a short wavelength. There have been numerous studies on the effects of exposure to this type of light indicating long-term damage to your eyes. I used to look into getting glasses I could wear to help tone down the blue light, but I never thought of an actual screen emitting less blue light. When BenQ reached out to me about their Eye Care Monitor, I thought ‘this is exactly what my eyes need!’. To me, health plays a large role in a sustainable lifestyle, and if I’m using products that are damaging to my body, what’s sustainable about that?! With my work, I know I won’t be able to lessen screen time {& who can say ‘no’ to netflix?}, so finding a product made to reduce damage is perfect. 


Features I Love of the Eye Care Monitor

HDR Support & 4k High Resolution: If you are looking for quality viewing, this screen offers a stunning picture. The High Dynamic Range technology duplicates what you see in the natural world by increasing the range between true black and bright white. Compared to the other monitors and TVs I’ve had in my home, this picture is much clearer and lovely to look at. 

AMD FreeSyncTM: This feature is for the gamers and offers an incredibly smooth gaming experience. It’s technology that eliminates tearing, broken frames and choppiness. I’m not a gamer myself, but I live with one and he appreciates this a lot! 

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology & Low Blue Light Technology: These two features work to ensure better care for your eyes. The B.I.+ Tech. balances brightness and color temperature to match the environment you’re in. This helps avoid overexposure to reduce eye strain. I don’t know how many times I’ve turned my TV on, and immediately had sore eyes because it was way too bright for the lighting in the room. 

Flicker-Free: Another reason for eye strain I was unaware of, flickers on the screen can cause major fatigue in the eyes so the BenQ Eye Care Monitor has eliminated this affect with stable flicker-free technology. 

Lightweight & Great Size: Since I’m no friend to heavy lifting, I love when my technology is light and easy for me to move. I do plan on using this monitor mostly in our room for movies {& games}, but when I have a bigger office, I’d love to move it in there to use for work. I think it will be great for editing videos and photos! 

Environmental & Social Responsibility of BenQ

I’m sure many of you have heard a lot about e-waste. It’s a serious issue, and one I don’t find many big businesses doing their part in preventing or eliminating some of that waste. It was refreshing to read up a little about BenQ’s initiatives and responsibility, and if it’s an interest to you, check it out - here


Learn more about the BenQ Eye Care Monitor & if you happen to purchase one, Happy Viewing!! Your eyes will thank you!

{& of course, my camera can't do the screen justice so make sure to check out the resolution photos}