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Sustainable Slumber | October

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hug a body pillow...

from Savvy Rest!

Not sure how this is the first time I've ever used one of these in my adult life, but this giant pillow has made sleeping so much more comfortable and easy for me. It's like, 'where have you been, my sweet organic body pillow?!'. Especially if you have any back issues, I definitely recommend holding on to one of these at night. I have scoliosis, and my pain has been getting worse every year. The first 20 minutes of each morning are consumed with lower back pain. When I use the pillow properly {I do move around a lot} I wake up feeling less pain, and knowing it's full of organic kapok makes my feel 100x better. When you spend over a third of your life on your bed, you better know what's inside of it. Kapok {what this pillow is full of} is a buoyant natural fiber, and is a great alternative to down. The coolest part about these pillows, they are totally customizable. They come fully stuffed, so you can take that perfect amount out for your comfort. Don't throw the kapok you took out - Use the extra to make some decorative pillows!

So why else should you invest in a body pillow? Savvy Rest has given us many great reasons as to why this pillow will help you rest easy:

  • Proper body support for side sleepers

  • Pressure relief on the lower back, spine and hips

  • Improved shoulder, hip and spinal alignment

  • Relaxation of the muscles along the spine

  • Improved weight distribution and blood circulation

  • Diminished snoring by helping you sleep comfortably on your side

  • Pain relief due to headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia & more

  • Versatile sleep aid for injury recovery

  • Additional support during pregnancy

*body pillows come complete with a fitted organic cotton pillowcase. also, i do not sleep like pictured. i rest my head on a smaller pillow and hug the body pillow :P hard to act natural, right?!*

Check out my last Sustainable Slumber post featuring their standard Organic Kapok Pillows & the GORGEOUS Esmont bed! It is seriously picture perfect... & made in the USA!

In the market for some new sheets? Living Fresh creates their line out of the Eucalyptus flowering plant! I have been using their pillowcases over the last few weeks, and have loved the way they feel against my face. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and come in several colors. 

Dress from Green Orchyd + Socks from Fazl