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Sustainable Slumber | November

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Organic Cotton Sheets

by Syona

After switching to an organic mattress & pillows, and finally getting a bed frame {a sustainable one at that!}, I've made my switch to organic cotton sheets!! Okay, seems a bit backward, but I'm happy to have my sleeping arrangement all set.  I now feel as if I'm sleeping on an 'eco' cloud. Syona Home uses 100% organic cotton supporting sustainable farming practices. The sheets are produced in manufacturing facilities which use low-impact and non-toxic dye. Syona is here to help you get the best sleep possible, and for someone who cares where their products come from, you'll rest easy knowing their bed sheets are ethically made with the environment in mind. 

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I live in Charleston, so I found it fitting to choose Syona's Corda Core Sheet Set with its maritime embroidered rope design. These sheets are seriously soft & feel like total luxury. All Syona bed sheets are Certified Fair Trade & Global Organic Textile Standard Certified, and they are priced at 50-70% less than luxury brands of the same quality. They truly are worth every penny, and knowing you are making a difference for the lives of farmer and factory workers makes it that much better. 

I'm sure you remember my bed frame, The Esmont, & the Organic Kapok Pillows from Savvy Rest. The Esmont is a natural platform bed hand built in their Central Virginia wood shop with a customizable headboard, and is very easy to assemble {no tools, yay!}. The Kapok used in the pillows is a buoyant natural fiber making it a perfect alternative to down. Much like the bed, these fluffy {& super comfy} guys are customizable, too. They even have the Kapok option in a body pillow! To read more about the benefits to using a body pillow, check out last month's Sustainable Slumber post

This blog post is full of sustainable goodness, today! 

The Graymercy by Mela Artisans is the perfect tray to avoid spills and rest my Terra Klay Tea Pot. Sarah {the tea pots name!} is handmade by artisans of local villages in Northern India, and what is so cool about this particular pot is it absorbs the tea oils over time. To read more about Terra Klay, visit this post from last month. I'm working on a new section within the blog for food and drink for 2017, so stay tuned for Manvee's {founder of Terra Klay} favorite tea recipe. & receive free US shipping with code terrachic !

This month, Osom Brand is hosting a Kickstarter for their zero-waste sock! They need to raise $29,000 in order to continue their project for the world's first upcycled sock which uses no water or dyes to create! Pretty amazing, right? Read more about Osom on the blog, and support their Kickstarter, here.

The dress is from my favorite online vintage shop, Moth Oddities. Use code MOTHCHIC10 for 10% off!! 

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Sweet dreams, everyone!