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A social brand supporting artisans and street children in Jaipur, Baliza's collection is inspired by the oceans of Bali & Ibiza. Each piece of clothing is ethically handmade with love by artisans living in Jaipur and Bali. Something which really stood out to me {besides the gorgeous colors and designs} was their mission. I'm always talking about how we should value the piece of clothing and the person behind the work. Baliza's mission is to inspire us to feel this way when wearing one of their designs, and realizing the positive impact you have made in that particular artisan's life.


About 90% of their collections are produced at Ladli, the vocational centre of the NGO I-India in Jaipur, and the other 10% are made by a small family atelier in Bali. This atelier is a strong support system for their local community. I-India, a registered Indian charity, provides daily opportunity through education, accommodation, food, vocational training and counseling for over 3,000 street children. Ladli is one of their Social Enterprise projects, and holds true to ancient clothing techniques while supporting around 300 artisan families. These artisans participate in craft & skills training programs, develop business & leadership skills and receive financial support to start or improve income. They even have special Self-Help-Groups dedicated to women empowerment. Their training and working environment is safe, relaxed and fun, and all workers are paid a fair wage with an added support for education, medical assistance and improved living standards. I-India takes the holistic approach - one I agree makes for a sustainable industry and future! 

Can you believe it takes up to 8 weeks to create a hand printed embroidered Baliza kaftan? That's a lot of labor of love right there! Each Baliza piece takes hours and serious attention to detail to create. I love when my garment has history behind it, and knowing it is supporting the continuation of an ancient art makes it that much better. I think Gema, the founder of Baliza, and I have similar respect and appreciation for these traditional techniques. After she met the team at Ladli she became instantly inspired to create a brand to help support their mission. 

I'm wearing the Legian Kaftan handmade in Ladhi from 100% eyelet cotton with gorgeous beading and sequins. This piece is made to be on the beach!! I'm already envisioning my entire summer in it ;) It's one of those designs you can wear throughout the day and add some heels to go out at night. Who else is ready to take this beauty on their next vacation?!

This gallery shows the process of creating this kaftan. Photos by: Anugam Goswami and Mukul Bathia

See below for some more of my favorites...

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