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When I first started switching over to a more organic & healthy lifestyle, I started with food and clothing. This was an easy transition for me because it was mostly affordable, and I had options at my fingertips. However, I didn't apply this new lifestyle concept properly since I didn't take all of my living arrangements into account. While I knew there were better alternatives to home soft goods, the prices and lack of transparency held me back for many years. It's only been the last year I've felt very excited about the choices consumers have when it comes to better bedding options.

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Why I Love Jefferson Lane

1. The commitment to your health & the environment. The creators of Jefferson Lane are parents. They understand the home should be a safe place free of harmful chemicals and toxins. When you spend 7+ hours in bed {or me, who likes a good 9+ hours}, it's so important to know what you're surrounding yourself with through the night. Not only does conventional cotton have a toll on your health, but it's unsafe for the farmers and terrible for the environment. Therefore, Jefferson Lane only uses 100% organic cotton in their sheets. Even the dyes are eco-friendly!

2. The price. Their sheet sets {1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases} start at $150. I remember buying a sheet set at Bed, Bath & Beyond years ago, and paying this price for a less superior {& non-organic} product. Where were these beauties back then?! 

3. The comfort. Growing up, I always thought the comfort was in the thread count, which is really just the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven in a square inch of fabric. I'm so glad Jefferson Lane brings this myth to light on their site. Brands are constantly misleading customers in the wrong direction, and I'm sure many people still use thread count as part of their purchasing decision. Jefferson Lane uses a combination of 100% GOTS Organic Cotton, 300 Thread Count, Single Ply/Long Staple Cotton & Lustrous Sateen Weave to bring you the best comfort possible. & boy, are they comfy!! 

4. The colors. I love classic colors that can stand the test of time. Their navy, white and aqua work perfect for anyone who wants a fresh look in their eco oasis. 

What's On My Bed

Classic Hem Pillowcases {$45}     |     Classic Hem Duvet Cover {$175}     |     Classic Hem Fitted Sheet {$85}

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Have sweet dreams in your new sustainable slumber <3