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I'm not sure anything blew so nicely in the breeze the other day. My Sassind outfit felt picture perfect in this scene. The beach has always been my place to relax & unplug from the world, and what better way to do so in something comfortable AND chic. Sassind is on point when it comes to luxurious comfort, and for anyone who doesn't like to dress up because you want to stay cozy - this is your brand!  

Why I Love Sassind

1. The versatility. Something that stood out to me when I first went through Sassind's collection was their garment's versatility - they aren't made just for lounging. The silk collection can go from bedtime to out for a drink. I've worn my linen tee hanging around the house, threw on some leggings & heels, and went out to dinner. And guess what?! I got to stay comfy all day long, and no one even knew I wore the outfit to bed :D

2. It's a minimalist's dream. Nothing more than a capsule wardrobe enthusiast could want than a garment you can use morning, noon & night! Plus, their palette of neutral colors and soft pastels is ideal for smaller wardrobes. 

2. The fabrics. Their collections consist of cashmere, merino, silk and the finest of cotton {with some french linen on the side, too}. They are easy to travel with, and paired with designs forgiving to any body type. 

3. It's luxurious comfort. Not to sound like a broken record, but seriously - it's luxurious comfort! I feel sophisticated when I'm even sitting in my nook reading a book. Best part of it all, everything is sourced and produced responsibly. You can feel confident knowing the workers behind each garment and fabric were treated fair. 


 What I'm Wearing

French Linen Oversized Tee in cream: Made from 60% french linen & 40% fine cotton, this boatneck top does it all. Wear it as a short dress, with leggings or paired with the incredibly lovely silk pants.

Silk Camisole in blush: You may remember seeing this silk top in my 15 Slow Fashion Staples post the other week. It's {of course} versatile and easy to tuck in or out, pair with jeans or silk pants and then wear to bed on its own {like I've been doing this week}. 

Silk Wide Leg Pant in blush: Swooning over these pants! They may be pj-style, but boy do they look classy dressed up, too. Makes me want more blush items in my closet, too. Don't you love the way they move?  

Where to Purchase

Shop Sassind's entire collection online - here - & don't forget to stay up-to-date with everything cozy and luxurious on Instagram.

I don't know what it is, but Australian brands have me in total heart eyes these days!