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Sustainable Finds | September

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it's fall y'all...

seriously, the most wonderful time of year! I'm very happy to bring you the second Sustainable Finds post :) As I said in the previous post, Sustainable Finds features three products, one in each category: Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. Click below to see this month's picks! 

Fashion: Astrid Fishnet Swedish Stockings 

$26 {USD}

Finally, that cool fall crisp air is starting to reappear and the stockings are coming out of the woodwork. Swedish Stockings has been my go-to for tights for the past two years. They are the only recycled yarn stocking on the market, and they are so incredibly well-made you won't be throwing them out like your old friend L'eggs. Okay, okay, I may have gone a bit overboard, but I do own every style and truly get my use out of them. Once it hits under 75 degrees, I'm in stockings almost everyday. The Astrid Fishnet are my new obsession this fall, and think they have the perfect autumn, halloween and holiday vibe. Don't ya think? 

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Beauty: Refining Eye Serum by Bétèrre

$38 {USD}

With summer vacation over, reality is about to set back in. Most likely, longer days for all of us. The end of the year is always the start of puffy eye season for me - I don't sleep enough, and it really starts to wear on me. Bétèrre's Eye Serum is by far, the best eye serum I have ever used. I feel as if I've fallen victim to many in the past, and didn't see results. Not here! Best part, Bétèrre is natural, cruelty-free and safe for the entire family. 

Lifestyle: iPhone Case by Pela Case

$31 {USD}

How amazing is it this iPhone case is made from plant-based, renewable material? I was so impressed when I received it in the mail - it almost has a soft rubber-like feel {but better} and you can instantly tell your phone will be in good 'hands'. Coolest part, this guy is biodegradable!!! We already know how absolutely incredibly wasteful the technology industry is - let's not contribute with our phones' cases. So, what is this case made out of? Flaxstic™, its official name, is a combo of flax straw ‘waste', plant-based biopolymers, and recycled materials. The flax shive helps give the biopolymers an added texture, resistance and 'eco' look. Pretty impressive, right? 

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Hope everyone has a lovely start to Fall! What are your favorite Autumn activities?