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Sustainable Finds | October

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cozy fall mornings...

This monthly edition of Sustainable Finds is a bit different. Instead of showcasing a beauty product, I've decided to do 2 lifestyle products. I've been using these items so often, I found it necessary to share. I'm all for something both beautiful & practical! Click below to see this cozy corner in full..

You may remember seeing the Sand La Playa Blanket in last month's Sustainable Slumber. I decided to bring it up to Virginia this week on a visit to see some family. Good thing because I've been on the couch without any other blankets :D Lots of people in town! I'm staying in a beautiful farm & the lighting is perfect in the morning. Naturally, I gravitated to this corner, read the rest of my NEVOAZUL magazine & answered emails in between sips of tea {oh & set my tripod up in the process - not ashamed :P}. The La Playa Blanket is much like the traditional Mexican blanket, but softer. They are hand-woven on in-home looms by artisans in Mexico. Plus, this blanket comes in 5 other color combos & is machine washable! 

In the morning, I drink one cup of coffee & then switch to hot tea for the remainder of the day {with some Kombucha thrown in the mix}. I've never owned a Kettle & Teacup with such a lovely story as Terra Klay's. Made in Manipur, India, Terra Klay supports the artisans from the Deccan Footprints Studio Inc. It is here where communities are supported and sustainable livelihoods and crafts are nourished & maintained. There is so much beauty in a handmade product - the slight variations and imperfections are what make them special {just like the La Playa blankets}. Why purchase a product assembled by a machine when there is a wonderful story behind the other? Like I say to people almost everyday, your purchasing is powerful & you can truly make a difference when you use it positively. Each teapot has a name & mine is Sarah. Terra Klay's artisans use serpentine rock & other locally sourced materials to create all of their products & what is super interesting, the tea oils will start to become absorbed by the teapot so just imagine how delicious your teas will be in the future :D Be on the lookout in the next two weeks for a post featuring some of the owner's favorite tea recipes & the history of this wonderful craft. 

p.s. use code terrachic for Free Shipping in the US!

I think I have found your new favorite travel & work companion {or maybe your everyday one!}. The Dressy Sweatpant by Encircled can be worn two ways, day-or-night, during three seasons. Doesn't get much more versatile than that, right?! I mean, how many times can you get away with wearing sweatpants to work? Plus, you have a secret pocket in the back perfect for storing a key or credit card {great when you want to go purse-less}. Because they are made from the incredible fabric, Modal, these pants are extremely soft. Modal is one of my favorite fibers, and is created from Beech Tree pulp. What is really cool about this fiber, you don't have to cut the entire tree down to produce. Encircled goes a few steps further in their eco-production and uses only low-impact, azo-free dyes, and manufactures all the garments in their home base of Toronto, Canada. Check back later this month to see how to {ethically} style these pants for all of life's daily events. See below for one of the looks {I'm wearing the smoke grey, by the way}! 

 Tank by  Slumlove  | Shoes by  Po-Zu  {use code SustChic10 for 10% off} 

Tank by Slumlove | Shoes by Po-Zu {use code SustChic10 for 10% off} 

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