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Supporting a Social Movement by Creating Artisan Opportunity

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Kambuja Trading

By working with small businesses and artisans in Cambodia, Kambuja Trading is helping preserve the traditions of a Cambodian Weaving Village while creating a positive impact on their future. Their socially responsible marketplace is putting gorgeous Kramas {the traditional Cambodian scarf} into the hands of conscious consumers. When purchasing one of these traditional scarves, we are supporting 8 weavers and 42 family members - what a difference we can make! Click below to find the many beautiful Kramas, and see how Kambuja Trading is paving a path of opportunity for their employees. 

The Kramas are handwoven with 100% cotton in Takeo, Cambodia by the Cambodian Weaving Village. Scarves are designed through collaborations with Kambuja Trading's team { meet Anthony, Charlene, Vinny & Jaymer - here - } and the local weavers. The Cambodian Weaving Village invests all profits into education, health and well-being, capacity building, and impact growth, and was founded by Sonas, a social business providing support and education to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Their micro-loan program creates sustainable businesses which are helping eradicate poverty within these nations. 

Not only are the Kramas keeping the Khmer culture alive, they are also as eco-friendly as it gets. Their dyes come straight from this Earth, and include flower, plant & tree ingredients sourced directly from their own village and surrounding villages. All weavers use traditional Khmer weaving techniques on looms very similar to those used by their ancestors. It takes a couple of weeks to create just one Krama - pretty intense, right?! I'm wearing the Kambuja Natural, which can be worn with almost any color & looks great with small stripes {I like my stripes on stripes on stripes}. You can definitely feel the quality within the scarves - the cotton is quite strong & I love the color combination. See below for the other lovely Kramas!

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