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Reinventing Luxury from Old Silk

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Two seasons, upcycled silks and zero waste production, Superlost is changing the way we think about luxury. Created by Loren Hackett in Great Ocean Road, Australia, Superlost was inspired by her travels and love of vintage. Uninterested in trends, Loren wants women to feel unique in their garments. Therefore, limited production is key. The way she finds these beautiful silks is so interesting - click below to read the interview! 

Tell us about Superlost and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

Superlost turns lost silk into new luxe. It's about elevating the way we think about luxury. A brand where high quality textiles, design and ethics come together to create clothing that is beautiful, timeless and meaningful. Sustainability's at the core of what we do because everything we use is reclaimed or recycled. We work with what we find to make a new story for women whose style has substance. Details of our ethos and zero waste production and design process can be found here.

How did Superlost begin?

I've always been passionate about beautiful vintage things - furniture, clothing, books, oddities, anything with a gorgeous back story and great design wins me over. I love cool things that last. And I love travelling. I was living in Cambodia when I discovered mountains of discarded textiles in street markets and it was love at first sight. The colours, textures and movement of the silk was so seductive and it all made beautiful sense to me. 

Superlost comes out with one or two collections a year. Why is it important for you to ‘slow down’ fashion?

There's a simple honesty to Superlost. Because we work with what we find there's a limit to what we can produce. Fashion is so personal - limited runs of exclusive pieces means women get something unique to play within their sense of style. This isn't about trends and I am just not interested in being part of a rapid model of consumption. I want women to feel a heightened version of luxe and to love everything about what they're wearing - its materials, its ethos, where and how it was made. Something that speaks to the way they see and care about the world, their deeper awareness of people and the planet.

Where do you find your silks?

I hand pick every silk from hectic street markets and sweaty warehouses in South East Asia. Usually it starts with a colour or print that catches my eye, then every silk's assessed on integrity of tone, texture, weave and finish. After many months of returning to sellers, I am now lucky to work with a couple of very experienced, kind and knowledgeable suppliers in Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh, with a few more in other, smaller cities. They've taught me so much about quality silk and mostly I choose delicious crepe de Chine for ultimate texture and drape. I love the matte finish and nothing beats the way it feels on the skin. But I totally adore the crazy blends with velvets or gold threads woven in, and also the softer ones too like charmeuse and sheer crepes. Some of my block colour silks come from recent industry dead stock but, although the origin is often unknown, most pieces originate from Korea, Europe and China. The selvedge notes tell us they're from the 1960s, 1970s and '80s up into the early 2000s. These are special, secret silks ready for a new run in a modern world.

What are the future plans for Superlost?

Lots of lovely work! This year we'll start production in Melbourne with a small factory accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia to make two new collections focused on our classic tee, tee dress and long dress styles. I'm excited to be part of manufacturing sustainable luxury fashion at home, to make sure superior quality and fair work conditions stay embedded in the brand. And I've been researching smaller, high end boutiques around the world so Superlost finds the right retail fit, to reach our customers in the right way. There'll be loads of travelling, haggling in markets, working on the website, searching for silk and swimming in new seas. Much to look forward to! 


Obsessed with these beautiful designs? Shop Superlost here.