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Traveling to remote regions to partner with local designers and artisans, women-team Amelia Tonelli and Rachel Widmark are truly bringing us something special for our conscious jewelry boxes. This line is different than most jewelry I show on the blog - it's timeless, creates positive change and most interesting, each piece tells a story of culture and the artisan. With all its beauty, it was quite easy to instantly gravitate towards this brand. Not only did I find the designs and mission unique, I was excited to see Amelia & Rachel went to the same college as me - VCU! This is the wonderful place where they met and bonded over their love of travel and ethical design. Upon graduating, they travelled {of course!} and lived abroad bringing back home tons of memories and little keepsakes acting as their own tiny capsules. The pieces carried small reminders of their journey and a new appreciation for traditional techniques. What's so disheartening {and something I see too often, as well} is the mass-production of mimicked 'ethnic' styles. This didn't sit well with Amelia & Rachel which encouraged them to create a line celebrating the artisans behind the real traditions and work with a modern twist. & lucky for us they did so ;) You can seriously get lost looking at their designs... 

Besides wanting to share stunning traditional crafts with us, Fernweh wanted to give back to the countries they worked with through micro-loans for the local women. For both the Pakistan and the Mexico Collection, 2.5% of sales will be reinvested into these loans. One of the organizations Fernweh has partnered up with is the Kashf Foundation based in Pakistan. It is one of the first women-focused Microfinance Institutions in the country. In the past 16 years, almost 250,000 women have borrowed from this institute to help finance business, as well as seek social justice, improve financial literacy and take business courses. You know how ecstatic I get over women helping women, and I find micro-loans to be one of the most sustainable ways to empower people and alleviate poverty! 

I'm wearing the delicate & lovely Subha Choker made from an adjustable leather chord with a 24K gold painted porcelain pendant. Today's ceramics, in Pakistan, are combining contemporary design with their ancient history of tile making. Fernweh has collaborated with Mahbina Waheed's Clayworks for this collection. She is one of the first female entrepreneurs running a ceramics business in Pakistan. Clayworks merges modern design with traditional Islamic & ethnic patterns. The Subha Choker is incredibly well-made and knowing how much culture is behind its creation gives it so much character. Truly sophisticated! 

Because the Pakistan Collection is SO beautiful, I want to share a couple more of my favorite pieces... {their images look like they were ripped out of a magazine .. obsessed}

 & a few favorites from the Mexico Collection..

Cobalto Studs     |     Monte Albán Cuff     |     Zapoteca Medallion

To go on your own little adventure through the art of Pakistan & Mexico, shop the entire collection - here

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