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Stay 'Consciously' Warm this Winter with Ethical Knits

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These headbands couldn't have come at a better time for me because Florida has had an unusually cold winter. Our electric bill was almost $300 last month from the heat being cranked high up {okay, our windows are very old so that doesn't help keep things toasty}. For a couple weeks, I wore the ribbed headband from the time I woke up to when I hit the pillow again. I kind of forgot how warm your body feels when you bundle your head up!  Anyway, I was very happy to have all of these very soft and lovely ethical knits to keep myself cozy, and I'm so ready to share them with you :)

 Why I love by kloé

1. Ethical {& handmade} Production. The by kloé knitters are made up of refugree women {many grannies} from the geruilla 'The Lightning Path' and live in one of Lima's slums without any sort of pension payments. By purchasing one of these knits, you are supporting a more sustainable way of life for women who truly need it. Handmade usually comes with a lot of love, and there is no exception here! After the pieces have been knitted by hand, they are sent to Belgium to be finished off - labels, linings, etc - by the creator herself, Chloe Matthieu {with the help of her mom, too!}. 

2. Natural Fibers. Wish you could reach your hands into the computer and feel these knits. Baby Alpaca has to be one of my favorites during the winter because it's incredibly warm, breathable and soft. You can compare it to the world's finest cashmeres, but you never have to worry about itching or discomfort because of the lack of lanolin. This oil is found in sheepwool, and may be the reason you have an allergic reaction. Alpaca fibers are also semi-hollow, which is why you can wear it inside or outside without the feeling of becoming too hot or too cold. Not only is baby alpaca ideal for keeping warm, it's also lasting and durable - making it the perfect sustainable fiber. 

3. Practical. Come cooler weather, you are sure to get your use out of these pieces. The designs are sweet, yet simple enough to pair well with your winter outfits, and the headbands come fully lined making them perfect for windy days. The scarves are wide enough to cover, and don't weigh you down {baby alpaca is awesome like that}. 

4. Color Choice. I haven't seen many brands give you this much choice when choosing a color. There really is something for everyone, but as a lover of the earth tone palette, my favorites are the taupe & khaki! 

What I'm Wearing

The Ribbed Headband     |     The Triangle Scarf     |     The Twisted Headband

 Where to Purchase

You can shop by kloé's entire collection online - here - & make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with new products and sales! 


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