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Something to Smile About | Dentist-Developed, Natural Vegan Toothpaste

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Okay, this is the real deal! A natural toothpaste that tastes so good, you want to brush your teeth {yeah, even the kiddos will like this one!}. Christina Min is a US trained dentist, and has a passion for giving back. This is most definitely not your average toothpaste. The planet, your teeth & those in need have all been considered in these tubes! 

Why I Love WITH MY 

1. It's safe. WITH MY toothpaste is made from 26 natural ingredients - all of them being EWG Verified, Cruelty-Free & Vegan. Did you know if toothpaste is 'fluoride-free' it is considered a cosmetic, and has absolutely no regulation on what is put into its ingredients?! How can you trust the toothpaste on the shelves after hearing that... amiright?! They've also gone under rigirous testing, and have been approved by the Korean Food & Drug Administration. 

2. It has a purpose. WITH MY isn't just about being a safe alternative to toothpaste, every purchase of a tube gives back. Everytime you buy from WITH MY you are helping build a Kindergarten in rural Cambodia. 1 Toothpaste = 10 Bricks & 40,000 can build a Kindergarten! Why Cambodia, you may be wondering? After the Khmer Rouge Regime, an entire generation of Cambodian children were illiterate. In the 1970s, about 90% of teachers were killed. Therefore, education is greatly needed to this day, and we can help support brighter futures for their children.

3. It tastes good & works well. You aren't left with gritty teeth, bad breath or an overwhelming taste in your mouth. Through and through - this is a great toothpaste for those pearly whites!! 

4. It's pretty inside and out. Because you know I love a good looking beauty product, but more important is its environmental impact. WITH MY only uses eco-friendly packaging that is either recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified. 

What I'm Using

Spearmint Flavored: Definitely my favorite, and makes your mouth feel so refreshed and clean. I've always been more of a spearmint fan than a peppermint so this one has hit the jackpot for me! 

Lemonade Flavored: If you have more of a sweet tooth, this is for you! While it's super subtle, you know it's inspired by a cool cup of summer lemonade. Wishing I had this growing up instead of bubblegum flavor. It runs circles around it! If you have children, I would definitely consider getting this flavor. 

Where to Buy

WITH MY has 15 days left on their Indiegogo campaign. To back this great project click here

Happy smiles, everyone!