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Boyd's Farm

A healthy alternative to toxic commercial options, Boyd's Farm offers natural, organic bath and beauty products - {& they smell AMAZING}. Katherine, the creator, had been worried about what she was putting on her family's skin, and began transitioning into a more organic lifestyle. She left the Air Force, and pursued her dream of owning a farm and creating products safe for everyone to use. Taking care of their community is extremely important to Boyd's Farm, and this is represented in the organic ingredients and recycled packaging - no preservatives, toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrance oils. With 100% natural fragrance, you can't feel more refreshed. Click below to learn more about their products, and see why I'm obsessed with bringing their mists everywhere I go..

Fun Fact: Boyd's Farm was named after Katherine's 'adopted godfather' - it's a very sweet story - read the rest - here.

Scents are always difficult for me to decide on, so why not get a bundle? The Soap & Facial Mist Bundle pictured above contains the Boyd's Lavender & Geranium Soap, Grapefruit & Sea Salt Soap, Lavender & Geranium Facial Mist, and Sweet Lime Facial Mist.

I'm going to start out talking about their mists. I bring them everywhere with me, and they are seriously refreshing. They are made for women on-the-go, and they can even act as a setting spray for your make up routine. I use the Lavender & Geranium Facial Mist at night, since it helps relax your body and nothing is better than lavender before bedtime. You can even use this one before yoga, or use if you need to calm your nerves in the middle of the day {we all have those moments}. The Sweet Lime Facial Mist is a great morning boost, and the first thing I put on when I wake up. While both sprays are lovely moisturizers, they really help modify your mood throughout the day. 

Since Boyd's Farm never uses any artificial fragrance oils in their sprays or soaps, you can enjoy the aromatherapy and take a deep breath in the shower - no fear inhaling! The Grapefruit and Sea Salt Scrub Bar is the bar to use in the morning. With its very citrus and fresh scent, you will for sure be woken up. This scrub bar, also, contains large pink sea salt for those who like to scrub a little harder. Taking a shower at night? Use the Lavender & Geranium Soap. It has the same properties at the mist above, so feel extra relaxed at the end of the day and use both!

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oh & we don't want to forget our scruffy men...

For the guys.. with the beards! 

Cedar & Fir {a woodsy aroma} | Wild Vetiver {an earthy, complex aroma}