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Syona Home

I'm new to the organic bedding game. I started this journey with clothing about 5 years ago, and quickly realized how many everyday items I use are affected by unfair practices. I remember, during my studies, we spoke about soft goods and how every season department stores experienced a surplus of sheets. Where did they go? Most importantly - Who made them, and what were they made from? The answers weren't too pretty, but the more sustainable options were limited. The organic cotton sheets I did find on the market were a bit pricey {I'm talking $400+ just for the standard sheets}. I ended up purchasing some Lyocell sheets on sale from Bed Bath & Beyond - a great fiber, but absolutely no transparency. Brands like Syona Home are helping fill that void in the market, so conscious consumers won't have the same challenges I faced 5 years ago. They are honest, transparent and fair - oh & their sheets aren't too shabby ;) 

Syona Home makes an incredibly soft set of sheets, and I have loved every night's rest I've had with them. Pictured is the Corda Classic in Bright White & Simple Taupe. The nautical-like rope embroidered detail adds a lovely touch perfect for living in Charleston, SC. I'm sure many of you love the maritime theme for your own room, so this may become your new favorite minimalistic detailing. Adds a little something special to plain white sheets! If you are looking for a vintage, sophisticated style their Avani set is made for you, and the Ettan has a lovely contrast of blue and white. All three of their collections use 100% organic cotton supporting sustainable farming practices. Plus, the sheets are produced in manufacturing facilities which use low-impact and non-toxic dye. Syona Home is Certified Fair Trade & Global Organic Textile Standard Certified, and good news for our wallets - they are priced at 50-70% less than luxury brands of the same quality! 

& they don't stop there!! Syona Home has partnered with Smile Foundation & Charity Water to donate 15% of their gross margins. That's comfy sheets, fair labor, eco materials AND charity support. How can buying a pair of sheets get any better?

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