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Created by doctors of Chinese Medicine and modern-day alchemists, 5YINA treats you skin throughout the year. Angela Chau and Ervina Wu believe we should adjust our skincare routines with the seasons, just like we would do with our diet or wardrobe. This is actually the first time I've ever even thought to do so! I notice a change in my skin depending on climate so it only makes sense I adjust my skincare accordingly. Using 5YINA helps your skin adapt to new seasons  through their use of rare medicinal plants and precious botanical essences. The women behind the line have years of training and experience in medicine - so they know a thing or two about skincare ;) They are thoughtful throughout the entire process, too. From the glass bottles to the sustainable ingredients, 5YINA is total skincare luxury. Oh & it's made right here in the USA!

Since it is April, it's only natural I share their Spring line with you. I'm going to start with my favorite morning ritual - misting with the Enlighten Spring Hydrolat. I'm not sure anything can get more refreshing than this! This formula has three featured bioactives: (1) Roses (2) White Tea (3) Poria Cocos. You can most definitely smell the roses in this product. Did you know rose oil heals wounds, refines skin texture and moisturizes? The White Tea helps in preventing oxidative stress, and helps produce brighter and more resilient skin. Poria Cocos is a Chinese mushroom that helps strengthen skin, reduce uneven pigmentation and prevent acne. I can not wait to bring this on the plane with me to freshen up in the cabin. Besides 5YINA bottles being recyclable, they are also TSA approved so pack away, travelers! 

Usually, I have no luck with lip balms. They tend to make my lips dryer than smoother, but not with the Divine Beauty Balm. What's cool about this particular balm, you can use it on your cuticles, ends of hair or anywhere on your body for that matter. It's full of berries and herbs working to heal damaged skin and moisten for a healthy glow & longevity. 

Next up is the Enlighten Spring Beauty Oil which is infused with 24 herbal bio-actives perfect for transitioning your skin from winter to spring. This formula helps to balance and stabilize your skin throughout the season, and is a bit like magic in a bottle. I like to use a few drops when I get out of the shower, and after using a Divine All Seasons Biocellulose Mask. This combination is like going to the spa for the day! I've been using the mask once a week for about an hour or so, and then applying a couple drops of the beauty oil afterwards. My skin feels instantly rejuvenated and fresh. It truly is a wonderful feeling!! 

Click - here - to shop their entire line & start treating your skin alongside the changing seasons! I'm sure it will thank you ;)

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