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Long gone are the days I throw on a tee with mismatching pants. Every since I slept in these silk pjs from Alexandria Main, my nights just feel a little more complete. I'm always so involved with my daily outfits - like who made it, what it's made out of, what it looks like - but I never think about what I wear on my 'down-time'. I kind of throw fashion aside, but NOT anymore. I've been living in these pjs since they've arrived at my door. They are beautiful, comfortable and - of course - provide wonderful economic opportunity for weavers living in Cambodia. 

Silk has a very interesting history, and has been around for over 6,000 years. As a child, I remember hearing about the legend of silk where the wife of the Yellow Emperor Huangdi, Lady Hsi-Lin-Shih, was enjoying some tea under a mulberry tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. Since learning these stories {& a lot from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego}, I've always loved and appreciated silk - even made my prom dress out of a gorgeous dupioni! However, despite all of its beauty and success in the world, Cambodia's silk industry suffered during the Khmer Rouge period {1975-79}. During this time, the mulberry bushes were destroyed and weavers had to turn to jobs in agriculture. Over the last decade, Cambodian silk has been working on its comeback. Their silk industry is one of the 10 most important sectors for their economic development since it appeals to those living in poverty. It needs a comeback in order to help alleviate poverty and sustain those living in rural communities. About 70% of the silk workforce is made up of women, many of which are landmine or polio victims, people with disabilities, victims of human trafficking, widows and orphans. Less poverty creates less vulnerability, and we can help by supporting this beautiful ancient craft of hand loomed silk. 

I'm wearing the chic Paris Grey Striped Pure Silk Pajamas {currently sold out, but don't worry - there are many more colors to choose from!}. They are incredibly well made with covered buttons, tailored cuffs and french seams. Plus, the shorts have an elastic waist for easy comfort. Seriously - the perfect pair of pjs!! They go great poolside, too ;) 

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Now, go have some sweet dreams while making the world a little bit better <3

Bonne nuit!

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