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#SwapBeforeYouShop with Swap Society

Do you ever feel guilty about purchasing a new piece for your closet? Or is budget a deterrent when shopping for sustainably-made clothing? I’ve dealt with this many times before, and I’m sure a lot of you would relate to these experiences, as well. That’s why when I first heard about Swap Society, I was immediately drawn to the concept. We’ve all heard {or maybe even participated} of clothing swaps hosted by friends or groups within our communities, but this one is open to everyone and is incredibly easy to join. 

Aren't these dresses sweet? They are all from Swap Society - even Elliott's little outfit :D

Three Reasons to Love Swap Society

Minimizes Carbon Footprint:
    With the apparel industry being the 4th largest industrial polluter, it’s easy to feel ashamed when purchasing a new article of clothing. While I do believe it’s important to support the brands who are doing it right, buying second hand is always a good thing, no matter where it came from. 

Saves You Money:
    I think one of the biggest complaints I receive from viewers are the price tags found on most sustainable fashion. Yes, they are more expensive than what many of us are used to, and yes, I totally understand not having the budget for them. That’s why it’s so great to have communities like Swap Society where you can purchase from nice brands without the steep price. The fact you can swap items you already own for something else is saving you a ton of money! 

Keeps Your Closet Fresh:
    Ever heard, “oh, I can’t wear that. I already posted it on Instagram.”? I don't know how many of my friends have said this very thing, and would run off to Forever 21 to purchase a new dress for the weekend event. {side note: I was guilty of this many years ago, too!} With Swap Society, you can constantly update your wardrobe so you never get bored. 


How it Works

Swap Society has two types of monthly memberships - LUXE & BASIC. The site works on a point system. When you send your clothing in, a certain amount of points are awarded to you based on brand and quality of garment. With those points you are able to swap it for something of equal value along with a small fee of $3.99 {LUXE} or $4.99 {BASIC}. 

The BASIC membership is free, and with it you receive free shipping on the first shipment sent to Swap Society and 7 bonus points when you join. If you like to refresh your closet regularly, I recommend going with the LUXE membership which is $12-19 per month. With the LUXE you receive free shipping both ways, 24 bonus points when you join and first dibs on new luxury & designer items! 

Swap Society accepts women’s clothing and jewelry, as well as baby, girls and boys clothing & accessories. They even accept minor imperfections so don’t throw it out if there is a faint stain or missing button. 

Click - here - to become a member, and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with them on Instagram

Happy Swapping!