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Where artisans have a voice and every piece has a story, Sapahn believes the process of creating starts with the people. Sapahn {Thai for bridge} connects the ideas and stories of people and culture bringing more to the meaning of consumption. Brooke Mullen, the creator, has been living in Thailand for 8 years while finishing her MA in Human Rights. The journey of Sapahn started 6 years ago to raise opportunities for artisans to work from home, preserve their crafts, and earn a living wage. They call this 'beautiful things doing beautiful things'. Brooke understands the production processes behind the goods, and personally knows each and every artisan community like they are family.

Quality, functionality and timeless designs are essential
to our collection of leather handbags, silver jewelry,
and silk and cotton scarves. 
— Brooke Mullen

Now working with nine artisan communities throughout Thailand, Sapahn empowers almost 500 people! From bags to scarves, everything is made to last and bring a new story of tradition into your life. Filling your closet with stuff is easy, but filling it with meaning takes time and research - & Sapahn's got your back. 

The Aida Mini Bucket Tote has gone throughout England with me, and is the perfect size for my camera, wallet and mini umbrella. You can choose from several different colors which are all custom made in local tanneries - Mustard, Marsala, Emerald Green, Black and Grey - and each are lined with a different fabric sourced from fabric stores in Chinatown {how can you not love the polka dots and flowers?}. Hardware is sourced from Bangkok, and then the piece is lovingly crafted by Mana and Arpa, who have been creating for 20 years. Starting as a small passion, Mana and Arpa have created a community of workers over the years who have the same love and passion for creating which goes beyond trying to make a buck.

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The Nalin Necklace is sophisticated with character radiating out with its tiny imperfections. Starting with the melting of pure silver pebbles into bars, the artisans then add a small trace of copper to create durability. Annuluck, the silversmith behind these beauties, is a part of the Karen Hill Tribe. He is an artist at heart, and was taught by his father. After his studies, he worked as a bus attendant, and felt so far from his true love - silversmithing. Annuluck decided to return to his village and set up shop. Brooke sits across the table collaborating on pieces, making the process half Thai, half English. At the end of the day, Brooke, Annuluck, his wife Bencharat, and their daughter Pa Jae head home to where Brooke has her very own mosquito net and matching Mickey Mouse pillow to Pa Jae. :) {the family is strong here!}

In Sapahn’s silver pieces, something
runs deeper than the mold,
something with a story to tell. 
— Brooke Mullen

The All-Natural Mud Scarf is soft, lightweight and naturally dyed. Made from cotton, the process begins with mud - yes, mud - from a 300-year old pond, and color from trees in local forests. The mud contains minerals which help maintain the color and create a silky touch. Artisans in eastern Thailand have been passed down these techniques by their ancestors, and it is a requirement to be willing to get muddy and colorful! Pa Wu is the leader of the environmentally sound weaving group behind these lovely scarves. She was taught by her mother, and has over 40 years of weaving and dying experience. What began with only 13 women, the group has now grown to 50 weavers!

The gallery above shows the artisans hard at work creating Sapahn's bags, jewelry and scarves. So much dedication and time put into creating such lovely pieces, and I love the sense of 'family' I have felt getting to know the brand, Sapahn. 

{above} a few other beauties I found on their site

Winnie Jo Cross Body Wallet | Diana Cuff | The Rider Leather Cross Body | Navene Half-Moon Earrings | Fishnet Infinity Scarves

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Are you a retailer who is interested in carrying Sapahn products?  Email Brooke at for inquiries. 

p.s. Stay tuned for Brooke's USA Road trip this summer to spread the word, love and products of the artisans behind the name Sapahn.