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Sustainability Unraveled from a Sweater

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Reunion Yarn Company

Yarns don't get much more sustainable than this, and with over 20 billion pounds of textiles ending up in the landfill we better figure ways to lessen the load. Thanks to Emily & Michael Felix, the team behind Reunion Yarn Company, we are making steps in finding ways to reuse those thrown away garments. Emily's love of textiles goes way back {she's a graduate of SCAD}, and she feels, as a designer, you have the responsibility to take care of Spaceship Earth. She saw the potential in old garments, and started the venture there. One knit garment contains 2 miles of a continuous string of yarn which is still useable. Maybe the garment has a hole or the owner didn't like the style anymore, the yarn can be unraveled and used to create something new and exciting - I'm even getting in on it! 

As some of you may know, I like to keep my hands busy and mess around with fibers. {Check out my Project} Nothing fancy, but I'm teaching myself some new tricks. In the near future, I'll fill the shop up with the creations made from all these gorgeous yarns. Can't get over the great feeling of basically reinventing someone else's 'trash'. Reunion Yarn Company is officially my favorite yarn source!! 

 Emily & Michael Felix

Emily & Michael Felix

Okay yarn lovers - I know there are a lot of your out there - you can either sign up for their monthly subscription box or shop individual skeins in their online store. 

Use code SCSHIPSFORFREE for Free Shipping!! 

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