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Responsible Fashion Providing Strength to Women in Africa

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Based in a little town on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, Pemba is home to ethical fashion brand IKURU, which means strength in the Macua language. This is very fitting for a label with complete transparency and noticeable support for the women behind the clothing. IKURU's heart is the women makers, and creating a brighter Africa is their mission. The women come from vulnerable social and economic backgrounds, and work in IKURU's converted workshop with locally sourced material. They refer to their style as simple, trendy & fresh, and I couldn't agree more! Click below to read more, and see how you can help empower the lives of women and families in Mozambique. 

IKURU is trying to make a difference for the misrepresented women of Africa. Within the province of Cabo Delgado, where IKURU is based, only 4% of women have completed their primary education, and 83% of women are illiterate. With lack of education comes little work and little opportunity, and the vicious cycle is passed down generation after generation. 

One of Africa’s greatest paradoxes is the lack of private and public recognition of women’s role in society, while they form the backbone of the economy, both within and outside of the home.

With IKURU, women are able to receive professional training in an encouraging work place. In addition to training, they are offered free heath services with in-house training on community health, which in turn helps increase their quality of life and supports a stronger, healthier family at home. For the women with children too young to attend primary school, they subsidize 2/3 of childcare fees. Click - here - to meet their team & the founder, Sarah {pictured above}! 

Their styles and prints on African wax print capulana fabrics are so unique and eye catching. They also feel quite durable, especially paired with coconut shell buttons like on my COCO dress. This babydoll style dress is extremely flattering with the pleated seam at the waist, and is light enough to wear through the warmer months. I love the contrast between the floral print and doodles. Thanks to Oyeca for creating this gorgeous garment!! It is so cool to have a personalized item of clothing in my closet - it truly makes you feel connected to the cause. Oyeca is about my age - 28. She is the mother of two children, and is currently finishing her studies in accounting at a vocational school. 

clutch in third photo is by Binge Knitting

Can not get over the gorgeous patterns on each dress. So many to choose from! See for yourself, and shop their entire collection - here. Make sure to tag them wearing your IKURU piece on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. At the end of the month, they take all tagged photos and pick a winner for a free piece of clothing! 

p.s. Not only does IKURU create dresses for us ladies, they also offer clothing for girls and men

*Help IKURU empower women through Color*