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Reminding Us To Take Better Care Of This Planet Through Inspiring, Recycled Metal Jewelry

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Siku Jewelry

When an aesthetic and message align perfectly, it can make for something really beautiful and impactful. Regardless of how the entire world feels about climate change, there has been enough evidence in front of us to show how sick our planet has become in the last few decades. Awareness is key in building more action to help clean our mess up. I love when fashion can remind us of our impact - & this brand does it so well! 

Reasons to Love Siku Jewelry

Consciously Made: All of Siku Jewelry pieces are made right here in the US with 100% recycled and refined metals from the jewelry industry {never from a mine!}. Even the packaging and business cards are thoughtful and made from recycled paper. 

Unique Design: To be able to look at a piece of jewelry and connect it to something bigger than itself gives fashion a whole new importance. Siku Jewelry hopes to educate consumers on ways to take better care of this planet through their designs and message. The Hexagon plays a large role in their aesthetic, and mimics the shape of ice when combined with oxygen and hydrogen at its molecular level. So every time you look at your piece of jewelry, you can have a gentle reminder to take better care of our environment.

Giving Back to the Planet: For each purchase made, 3% of profits will go towards climate change initiatives and organizations working to offer solutions for these global issues. 

What I’m wearing

Thick Flex Ring in Rose Gold: While I love silver and gold, there is something special about rose gold. I’m pretty feminine when it comes to style, but I still like to be somewhat ‘edgy’ - if that’s the right word? I think this piece has the best of both worlds with it’s stunning rose shine and jagged form. It’s definitely a special design that stands out in my jewelry box, and I always think about the sea ice when I have it on.

p.s. Siku means ‘Sea Ice’ in the Inuit language

Where to Purchase

You can find the entire Flex Collection online - here - and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all the beauty and inspiration.

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