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Rainforest Art | From Nature to Fashion These Gold Pieces Are Simply Stunning

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Simply Nature Bio Goods

The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest is home to many beautiful plants, and we are lucky enough to experience the beauty through a line of 18k gold jewelry. I mean, these pieces are mesmerizing, aren't they?! If you are someone who has an infinite love of nature and ethical jewels, I can't really think of another collection to suit you better.  

Why I Love Simply Nature Bio Goods

1. It was created out of love for something better in this world. The creators, Priscila Barbedo & Fernando Guevara, believe it is up to all of us to spread the idea of environmental consciousness. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but all have one thing in common, we live on this great, beautiful planet. For me, I like to spread this idea through fashion, and finding like-minded brands such as this one inspires me to keep going. Priscila is much like me in her 'passion for fashion', and her upbringing and professional career paved a path towards a richer, more vibrant life. Click - here - to read more about the creators' story. 

2. It's unique. It isn't often you find real leaves covered in a gold so pretty you can't take your eyes off it. Not only do they stand out within the jewelry market, each piece is entirely unique - after all, not one leaf or seed is the same in nature. 

3. It's art that connects you to nature. Besides having a unique aesthetic, there's a lot to be said about its emotional connection with nature. From the person behind the piece to the fallen leaf, there is a undoubted sense of love and respect for the planet. Plus, each purchase comes with an information card about the plant used and its added benefits to people. The cards are made from biodegradable seed paper so you can grow some wildflower nature in your own home! How fun is that?! 

4. It supports the ethical makers. When Priscila & Fernando were on a trip to Brazil, they came across BioJewels. They instantly knew they needed to share this elegance with the world. The farmers and artisans who create these jewels are extremely respectful to the environment when foraging for resources. They make sure to not disrupt nature, and many of the leaves and seeds used have already fallen to the ground from natural causes. After carefully picking the materials {they use branches and fruits, as well}, they are hand bathed in high grade molten 18k gold. This entire process does not use any carcinogenic metals, and it is certified by the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources). 

I'm wearing the lovely Magnolia Leaf Bracelet which has quickly become a go-to for me to pair with silks and minimalistic designs. When I tell people it's made from a real magnolia leaf, they seem to almost not believe me! Beauty can do that ;)

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Now, go add some eco sparkle into your lives <3 

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