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Radiate Market


A shop with two goals in mind, Radiate Market is empowering those living in poverty & reimagining the way we shop. They believe a key to ending poverty is through jobs where artisans are paid fairly and treated with respect. Working with artisans and co-operatives in the Dominican Republic, their products are able to reach the western market {& us conscious consumers!} and help support sustainable futures.  Creators Alyssa Rose and Kiera Maloney understand how impersonal today's shopping has become. Their goods have a story, and they want us to feel connected to the artisans and their culture. Your purchase opens an opportunity for the artisan to radiate their true self.

Something else I love about Radiate Market is their stance on what constitutes a truly sustainable business. They are for-profit, meaning they do not rely on outside donations and can sustain themselves AND their artisans. The one-for-one is not a part of their business model, either. Every purchase is invested back into the artisan, their family & community. It's like that saying, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". One-for-one can only do so much - what we need to support are jobs & the preserving of culture. 

How cute are the Nanu Mountains?! I'm obsessed with their metal wall art right now. It's the perfect artisan touch! Nanu, a Haitian immigrant, learned metal working through his community where he grew up. This type of art has been around Haiti for many years. Which one is your favorite? {Cactus is super sweet,too... I know you have plenty of space for a few of these ;)}

The Esperanza Necklace was my seaside buddy this past week. Made from sea glass & a suede cord, this particular necklace is named after the wonderful organization it was created at: Project Esperanza. Claris, one of their artisans, created this necklace for Radiate Market. Choose from several colors: deep blue, sea foam, neutral and green. It's one of those necklaces you can pair with anything!

Good news, everyone: Radiate Market is offering 20% off your entire purchase w/ code SC20 - Radiate amongst your friends & share this positive way of buying with all :)