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Plastic to Fashion | 4 Brands Keeping Waste Out of the Landfills

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a negative to a positive...

We aren't saying goodbye to plastic anytime soon, so why not do with what we have?! Plastic is taking over our landfills {more than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown out every day} & recycling centers can't keep up, and some brands have noticed. Click below to see how these four businesses are turning waste into something useful {& cool ;)}...

1. Recover Brands

8 Plastic Bottles = 1 Shirt | Recover Brands is creating shirts out of plastic bottles. Pretty awesome, right?!  This is how they do it: First, they collect bottles. Second, they salvage discarded cotton and blend with polyester. Third, the reclaimed fiber is spun into fabric and sewn into a garment. Now, you are left with some really awesome tees like my Sport V-Neck found - here - or this Folly Beach tee {which is only a few minutes from my place}. 

2. Up-fuse

A brand I've become very familiar with over the months, Up-fuse takes discarded plastic bags and creates colorful totes, backpacks & accessories. Their totes recycle 30 plastic bags, and are perfect for your everyday essentials {& farmer's market!}. Say "plastic?" "yes, please, but only if recycled, like my Up-fuse tote bag" ;) Check out their feature from earlier this year on the blog

3. BottleCloth

For your home, BottleCloth features tablecloths, table runners and placemats made from recycled bottles. A multi-step process turns recycled plastic bottles into a thread which is then woven into a polyester cloth {it takes 55 0.5 L bottles to make one 60" x 102” tablecloth!}. The finished fabric is very durable and spill-resistant. You can wash it again and again with the soft touch still in tact! See all the beautiful brush strokes and color on the blog. 

4. Nube9

Your fitness-wear which can easily pass for streetwear, Nube9 is another brand turning plastic bottles into wearable clothing. Teaming up with Chris Jordan, an artist, photographer & activist, the line features something we use absolutely everyday - the light bulb. Inspired by his piece "Light Bulbs 2008", the work of 320,000 light bulbs represents the number of kilowatt hours of electricity wasted every minute within the United States. Read more on the blog post. 


Do you know of any others?!