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Plastic-Free Aquatic Botanical Grooming | For Men & Women

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If plastic-free didn't grab your attention, the words affordable & natural surely will. Yes, I mean truly affordable luxury grooming products! I used to be one of those shoppers who gravitated towards the expensive side of things only because I thought the product was more conscious or of better quality. It is when I try brands like Alluvian I realize this is not always the case, and anyone can experience the more luxurious things in life and not break the bank. Alluvian uses some of the most interesting ingredients I've seen like moroccan red clay, french green clay, volcanic sea salt, dead sea mud, and kaolin clay {yeah, I had to look up a few of those}. The brand's name itself is derived from the word Alluvium; "which is a deposit of clay, silt, sand, and gravel left by flowing streams in a river valley or delta, typically producing fertile soil." 

Based in the US, all Alluvian products are made in small batches in central Illinois. They take organic plant-based oils,  geologic elements and aquatic botanicals to bring you body products full of natural benefits. What is even more interesting, and something I think most of you reading will greatly appreciate, is the creator John Cowan's detest for plastic. I can't even begin to count the amount of beauty and skincare products I've purchased in the past that I couldn't recycle. I mean, how cool is it to have a Natural Deodorant set in a pushpop-like biodegradable tube? 

Interesting {yet extremely frightening} fact: Every 34 seconds, the equivalent of a school bus full of plastic enters our oceans, and last year, almost 200 million deodorants were sold at supermarkets in the US. These deodorants were not recycled... This is where Alluvian saw an opportunity to lessen waste - create a natural deodorant that works, and won't end up in our ocean. Brilliant idea! This Natural Deodorant is specially formulated to prevent odor, and after using it the last few weeks, I can definitely say it works and it's great for both men & women. You won't find any synthetic chemicals, aluminum or dyes, just amazing natural ingredients like nahcolite, kokum butter, Irish sea moss, and essential oils. Plus, I'm a big fan of the scent of sage, and you can smell a hint of it within the product! 

If you have a man who grows a beard, I'm sure there have been a few times where you've said "please, go wash your face". I think all the dinners I make end up in my boyfriend's beard. It has been nice to have Alluvian's Isle of Man Beard & Hair Soap because Travis actually likes using it. I love its clean scent of peppermint and sage, and with 6 aquatic botanicals, this bar of soap leaves his hair soft and healthy. Not to mention, a bar of hair soap is the perfect step towards zero-waste. 

Alluvian has a wide range of products your guy needs to try, like aftershave, cologne and beard oil. I hear women love the soaps and Auxilio Facial Oil, as well. Hooray for unisex grooming products!! To shop the entire line, click here. Don't forget to get social, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

p.s. Alluvian has partnered with 5Gyres - an organization dedicated to ocean clean up and plastic pollution education. Partial proceeds will be donated to this great cause!!

Happy Grooming, Guys & Gals!