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Elie & Cath, two Montreal based women, started Plants and Colors to offer environmentally and socially responsible products while being able to use their creative noodle. From wall decor to candles, this brand is the conscious decorator's dream, especially the abstract lovers! 

Now, I know we all like a good candle, and the Chandelle à la Bergamote is one you can feel good about purchasing. Set in upcycled beer bottles, the candles are made of fair-trade soy wax and organic bergamot essential oil. The scent of bergamot oranges radiates when burning, so your living space smells fresh and clean. It has been such a lovely addition to my new apartment! 

Click below to read the interview with Elie & Cath. +plus there is a little something special for you at the end! 

How Did Plants and Colors begin?
Both of us being very much taken by work and study, Plants and Colors was first an excuse to indulge our creativity and fun. With similar values egarding the environment and being socially engaged, it was natural for us to start this project together. Soon enough we realized that the possibilities were endless and that what was supposed to just be a hobby turned out to be more than we had thought. With Plants and Colors, we try to make conscious consumption more accessible. It is possible to make responsible choices without compromising aesthetics and design.

Why is a sustainable business model significant to you?
In fact, it would be unthinkable for us to start a project like this without taking the environment into consideration. In our daily lives we pay particular attention to this and it was only logical for us to have it reflected in our company. With Plants and Colors we are not trying to criticize others behavior, we only try to achieve a greener lifestyle through our creations.

 Tell us a favorite few you have in your shop.
While we love all our products, we especially like our bergamot candle. Handmade from recycled beer bottles using fair-trade soy wax and organic bergamot essential oil, it has in some way allowed our project to pick up pace and set standards that guide us every day in this adventure.

What are the future Plans for Plants and Colors?
We are currently working on the development of other decorative items and design that we look forward to unveil! Some articles from other categories than decoration, for example cooking or fashion.
Also, the creation of a self-representing website is another of our priorities. This space will certainly help people with an interest in what we do to fully experience Plants and Colors.
As we said, the possibilities are endless ...

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