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Embracing a culture of sustainability, Ankura works directly with small artisan communities in Peru producing high quality garments out of natural fibers. Their designs are extremely flattering, feminine and perfect for the modern day woman. The garments are made from baby alpaca and pima cotton, which are sourced directly from Peru. Ankura stresses the importance of paying a fair wage, creating jobs to improve the quality of life and supporting a more ethical fashion industry. Continue below to see all the sophistication, and learn more about their eco-friendly fibers & artisans. 

The baby alpaca used in Ankura's garments come from the Andean communities, and their domesticated camelid.  Alpaca is known for its incredibly soft touch and warmth. They are bred organically and sheared once a year {with no harm to the animal}. The communities use ancient techniques passed down from the Incas, and live a simple life off their land. Ankura, also, uses pima cotton, which is a vegetable fiber grown on Peru's coast known for its durability, lightness and comfort. All garments are either made in a small local shop or by local artisan communities who have passed down the craft generation after generation. 

Fun Fact: Peru has been organically cultivating cotton since 2000 B.C.

I'm wearing the very feminine Hannah Skirt made from baby alpaca and Mulberry Silk. It is a midi-skirt which pairs well with a button-up tied in the front for a more casual look {I'm seeing chambray everywhere these days} or a tailored crop top for a more chic look. The baby alpaca makes this skirt extremely comfortable and light! I'm always a fan of a neutral colored bottom, but for the ones who love color and want to really pop, the Hannah Skirt is, also, available in Citron & Blue {beautiful summer colors!}. I don't typically feel sexy in my clothes, but this skirt is so flattering it was for sure a boost of confidence ;)

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Ava Dress | Louise Skirt | Emma Dress

Ankura, also, has some sweet little accessories. Their bracelets are made from traditional materials by Shipibo Artisans, and the key rings are made in the oldest city in the America, Caral, by a community of knitters.

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