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Winter Water Factory

Based in Brooklyn, this 100% organic clothing brand is giving you and your children the sweetest and softest closet possible. There is a pattern for everyone - from clipper ships & UFOs to colorful floral prints & funky dots - each print will surely put a smile on your face :D Winter Water Factory specializes in USA-made screen printed textiles for babies, girls, boys and women. Using GOTS certified organic cotton, you can feel confident wearing quality clothing made safe for the entire family. Stefanie Lynen, the co-founder, is a self taught designer who draws inspiration from an array of found items like children's books & vintage wallpaper. Moving to New York in 1999 after medical school, she began freelance designing and, in 2005, she began screen printing her whimsy designs on fabrics which what turned into the beginning stages of Winter Water Factory. Her husband, Todd Warnock, is the other co-founder and head of sales, marketing, photography and graphic design. What a duo!

Fun fact: The name "Winterwasserfabrik" was founded by Stefanie and her sister back in the 80s in Eschweiler, Germany. They would bottle melted snow and sell it to their parents. Always a business woman, am I right?! ;)

*top photo featuring the  Flower Dot print  from  A Lovely Journey  & above photo from  Allie Seidel *

*top photo featuring the Flower Dot print from A Lovely Journey & above photo from Allie Seidel*

Besides offering consumers sweet designs, Winter Water Factory wants us to feel confident in every purchase - this means using organic cottons and making things here at home. Conventional cotton uses toxic pesticides which are harmful to us, wildlife & the environment. In order to even process this already contaminated resource, they must use chlorines, heavy metal dyes, and formaldehyde resins - just adding fuel to the fire. Winter Water Factory doesn't want to subject us to this, and in order for them to be completely transparent they must use a labeled cotton from the Organic Trade Association. This 100% organic cotton is free of pesticides and harmful toxins. Now, we can't stop there and label this sustainable - Winter Water Factory has taken it a step further and has established all their manufacturing right here in the US. Not only are they using eco fabrics, they are creating US jobs, contributing to ethical production and boosting our national economy. We are left with a pretty amazing & sustainable product - one I'm very happy to share with you!

I've been wearing my Mini June Leaf Stockholm Dress a lot this month - it is easy, light & a great cut. I can, also, transition it easy to fall with some tights and booties. The print has a vintage feel, but with bright blue modern color {I love a good mix!}. My days are pretty busy, so I'm all for a livable dress which doesn't make me feel constricted. I can move and breath in my Stockholm dress! See below for some of my favorites in Women's, Baby, Girls & Boys. Click the links to start shopping. I know you will fall in love with these patterns!! 

for boys

Dinosaurs Short-Sleeve Tee | Traffic Jam Tank Top | Octopus Short-Sleeve Tee

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