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soul candy skincare

From a dream in a mason jar to a full fledged luxury line, Soul Candy Skincare is here to help you embrace your 'own naturally gifted god or goddess'. Produced in the heart of Kentucky using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, their products are great for your skin, and easy on the Earth. Click below to read more about Soul Candy Skincare. and their relaxing new scrub I have been using...

Catering to both men and women, Soul Candy Skincare has an array of products. They offer scrubs, toning mists, facial serums, cleansing oils and acne treatment. Men also have the option of beard oils and aftershaves. Something you may have noticed on Sustainably Chic are their sweet owl  Beard & Hair Combs made from reclaimed woods {pst.. great V-Day gift for the bearded boyfriends & hubbies!}.

A true lavender lover, their Soothing Sleepy-time Sugar Scrub puts me at ease after a long day. A couple times a week, I like a good bath with a glass of wine & my lavender sugar scrub. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, and my mind relaxed. {& it smells fantastic!} Made with organic sugar, dead sea salt, and therapeutic oils, you'll be ready to have a good night's rest after scrubbing. 

Want to embrace your inner god/goddess? Shop Soul Candy Skincare online, and use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for free shipping!