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With the knowledge of toxic fabrics spreading, organic clothing has become more and more popular, especially among parents. Trying to keep your child as healthy and safe as possible in a world full of toxins, the fabrics touching their skin are just as important as the food they consume. At first, options for friendlier clothing was limited, and you could find an organic onesie in a single color. Today, brands like Australia's Aster & Oak are making organic look almost too cute {no such thing, I know!}. Started by a mother who had a child with extreme skin allergies, Aster & Oak knows sensitive baby skin and wants to help prevent unnecessary reactions. Plus, these clothes are affordable! How easy is it to fall in love with a tiny shirt saying 'Enjoy the Little Things'?!  Melissa Blight, the creator, lets us in on the importance of organic clothing, and why she started Aster & Oak. Click below to read! 

What was the inspiration behind Aster & Oak?

The inspiration behind Aster & Oak came when I had my second baby, Lillian. My firstborn (now 5) had severe allergies and skin rashes all over his face and body which started when he was 3 months old and lasted for over 4 years. We visited doctors, specialists and tried a heap of creams but nothing seemed to make the rash go away, he was in agony, itchy and always so sad!  So when I had Lillian, we were in hospital and the first bath she had, straight away a raging red rash appeared all over her.. That was that, I decided from then on I was going to do everything I could to limit her little body from touching anything that contained chemicals or any other type of nasties. 

I live in a small town so there was no where to buy organic baby clothing. I did try looking online but the organic clothes that I found had still been dyed with chemical dyes, way too expensive or were just plain boring. It was important for me to find something that was fully certified organic. Creating Aster & Oak just came so naturally. It started as an idea to make some clothing for Lillian out of 100% cotton and within a few months became an obsession! I wanted to create an affordable range of the softest, purest and most natural baby clothing that I possibly could and make sure it was beautiful, whimsical and had a fashionable edge. 

I am so passionate about what I do and LOVE creating things that nearly every single aspect of the brand is done by me - from hand drawing the artwork, creating the perfect thickness of fabric all the way to when it reaches the customers hands. 

Why do you feel it is important for childrenswear to be organic & naturally dyed?

Children, especially babies have really delicate skin. It is more porous than ours and absorbs pollutants way more easily. As parents we worry what we put IN our children's bodies when we feed them, so why shouldn't we be concerned with what goes ON their bodies,  which they then continue to wear 24/7! I believe that it is important for baby clothing to be organic & naturally dyed because underneath those bright colors and cute little characters conventional clothing lies some pretty harmful stuff. 

Read more about organic clothing in this article written by Melissa last year, and check out "Why Organic Cotton".

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