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Organic, Carbon Neutral Clothing Protecting Our Oceans

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Facε à La Mεr

I love a good tee, and one that is cleaning up some of our most precious gifts the earth has to offer makes it all the better. No doubt, Facε à La Mεr is spreading some major love for our oceans through their fun graphic t-shirts for men, women and children!

Reasons to Love Facε à La Mεr

100% Organic Cotton: Facε à La Mεr has teamed up with EarthPositive to produce all of their tees. EarthPositive takes their organic production a step further, and manufactures solely on wind and solar power. They also have a strong code of ethics for their workers, and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Overall, with their GOTS Organic fabric and manufacturing process, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 90%.

Eco & Vegan Inks: I can’t even count how many organic tee brands have approached me over the years that didn’t take their printing process into consideration. Facε à La Mεr only uses water-based, eco-friendly inks which are vegan-friendly and never tested on animals. Even though they use a more eco type ink, the Kornit DTG printers do not budge on quality!

Ocean Conservation: Facε à La Mεr was started by Gordon Fava, a scuba diver who is passionate about the state of our oceans. He decided to partner up with Project Aware, a global force of scuba divers who have been protecting our oceans for over 25 years. For every shirt sold, a portion of all proceeds will go directly to this organization to support ocean conservation.

What I’m Wearing

The Ocean Heart Slim Fit T-Shirt: I’m a sucker for hearts, and this one is a great representation of love for the ocean and its creatures. & like Facε à La Mεr says - sweet, simple & comfy!

The Ocean Slim Fit T-Shirt: As much time as I spend by the sea, I don’t think enough about the creatures living in it. I really love how this tee illustrates some of the ocean’s greatest animals. Makes you want to protect their home all the more.

Pocket Turtle Scoop Neck: Did you check out my latest Fair OOTD? I’m wearing this adorable tee in burgundy! Turtles have held a special place in my heart this past year after my grandfather adopted a nest outside their home in Elliott’s name. This shirt reminds me of all 130 turtles making it safely to the ocean one early morning.

What Elliott’s Wearing

Sea Love Baby Tee: If you haven’t seen my Instagram stories with Elliott at the beach, you should know he LOVES the ocean. This kid has no fear and just wants to belong. He touches the sand and runs straight for the waves. This shirt was made for him with the words ‘me love sea’ :D

Where to Shop

You can find all the tees online - here - and don’t forget to pick up a few for the guys in your life. Oh & make sure to follow Facε à La Mεr on Instagram!

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